Saturday, July 26, 2008

Tennessee Aquarium

On Friday, we went to the Tennessee Aquarium. Jeremy and I have been a couple times, but it had been along time. They have made some great improvements, and we throuroughly enjoyed ourselves. It was very nice to not have to deal with the huge crowds that we have always experienced at the Georgia Aquarium. They have some fancier exhibits at the Georgia Aquarium, but when dealing with two kids, I really enjoyed have to navigate through fewer people to see things.
They had a butterfly garden at the aquarium, which as you can tell was a big hit with Mikayla. This one had a broken wing. Mikayla was able to put her finger underneath it and it stepped onto her. She was so excited to hold a butterfly.
This is a Gavin doing what he did most of the time we were on vacation. He just hung out in his stroller and sucked on his shoes. He was a champ during our whole vacation, especially when you consider the complete lack of a schedule.
The biggest change at the aquarium was their new shark exhibit. Mikayla really liked seeing all of his teeth.

Mikayla and I in the seahorse exhibit. They had some displays of some seahorses with some pretty amazing camoflauge disguises. Mikayla kept asking why they were wearing leaves.
This was a place where you could step into a plastic bubble that was in the tank. Mikayla was pointing at "Nemo."
Mikayla tried to be brave and touch a stingray. She instead decided to just splash the water a little bit.
I had to throw in this picture of these turtles. Look how long their necks are!!!