Tuesday, February 19, 2008

First Food!!

We started Gavin on rice cereal Sunday night. This was a bit earlier than we started Mikayla, but I think he was very ready. He has been eating more often and he still wakes up in the middle of the night to feed. He really enjoyed his new food!!
An added bonus... I think his new food is helping his sleeping habits. He actually slept for 3 1/2 hours in his own bed last night. Hopefully, we will only improve!

Monday, February 18, 2008

My Valentine Sweeties

Well, I have finally found a moment to get my pictures downloaded and blog about Valentine's Day. I had to work on Valentine's Day, so it wasn't as big a day for us as it usually is, but it still turned out pretty nice.
I had signed up to help with the Valentine's Party at Mikayla's preschool. I was asked to bring the balloons and other decorations. I was so pleased to find some very cute Froggy Valentine balloons at the dollar store. At such a great price, I was able to get enough for all of the kids to take one home. Jeremy didn't haven't to go in to work until late, so I was able to leave Gavin at home and spend some quality time with Mikayla. It was a nice morning.
Since I had to work on Valentine's night, Jeremy and I went out last Saturday night. We left the kids with my mom and headed to dinner. Sadly, this was our first date since Gavin was born. It was very nice. After having a very nice night together, I have resolved that we need to do this more often. There are several advantages living close to family and we need to jump on them. There is absolutely no excuse to live close to two sets of grandparents and an aunt and not go out at least once a month.
I hope everyone had a nice Valentine's Day and was able to snuggle up close to their sweeties!

Saturday, February 09, 2008

New layout

I love reading other people's blogs because you get such great ideas. I have often tried to change my background to make it pretty, but usually run into trouble. I always seem to lose my sidebar stuff, so I have to redo my whole page.
My cousin had a link to a blog by someone named Matiekay that has several different layouts and VERY easy instructions about installation. I was very happy to find it.
I also found the link to another blog called Blogs2Books where you can convert you blog to a form where you can have it printed into a magazine or book. Since this is my version of a personal journal, I am very excited about doing this.
Another thing that I should share with you is Google Reader. Do you spend us much time as I do looking at blogs everyday? My friends Stacey, had a link to this posted in her blog. You subsribe to all of the blogs you like to read in that one place and it tells you if there is a new post when you log in. It is great and has saved me a lot of time (something I don't have a lot of)
On a more personal note, we are starting to see little babysteps in Gavin starting to sleep somewhere other than the swing or my arms. Yesterday he slept for about 30 minutes in h is crib and then last night he slept for a decent amount of time in the pack and play next to our bed. At the beginning of the week, we had about given up. One night, he cried/fussed for 2 1/2 hours straight. However, yesterday he figured out how to suck his thumb, so now he can soothe himself a little better. Who ever thought I would be thankful for thumb-sucking. Hopefully, we will continue to see progress!!

Monday, February 04, 2008

God Be With You 'til We Meet Again

I have finally had the opportunity to watch the funeral of President Gordon B. Hinckley. I wasn't able to watch it Saturday since I was working. Jeremy set up the DVR to tape it so over the course of the past two days, I have finally watched it. I just wanted to share some of my feelings and thoughts that have consumed my heart over the past couple of days. I don't often share these feelings with others, but I have often commented on how this blog has turned into my journal of sorts. I want to record these feelings so that I may be able to reflect upon them later.
Here is a list of the things that I hope that I will always remember when I think of President Hinckley.
1. He was such a personable person. It always amazed me how he was able to personally touch the lives of people that he never met.
2. I will always remember how he connected with the youth. I had a knack for being firm in the things that they needed to do, but conveyed it in a loving and accepting way.
3. That cane!! I don't think I have ever seen him use it for the purpose that it was intended. It was used to wave at people, tap at things, etc.. When he was just holding it, he held it off of the ground, holding it at the middle of the cane.
4. His sense of humor. He often had a little joke or funny story in many of his talks. He was a pleasure to listen to.
5. His apparant love for his sweet wife. Everyone should have a companion that loves them that much.
6. His work ethic. At the age of 97, he had a work schedule that would make me tired. It is a true testament of the work that he did that The Lord blessed him to be able to hold up such a schedule.
7. He closed nearly every Conference with the phrase, "God Be with You Til We Meet Again." I always think of him when I hear that song.

I am thankful for his guidance and I know that his work will be continued under the leadership of our new prophet, Thomas S. Monson.
Thank you for your sweet spirit, President Hinckley and may God be with me til we meet again!

Friday, February 01, 2008

Go Diego Go!!

Last night, Mikayla and I went to go so "Go Diego, Go LIVE" at the Fox Theatre. Mikayla is a very big Dora and Diego fan, so needless to say she was very excited. So excited in fact, that she didn't take a nap yesterday, which brought on its own set of challenges. We went with a friend of mine, her son, Kamron (one of Mikayla's best buddies), and her sister-in-law.

This is a picture of Mikayla all ready to watch the show. She is wearing her Dora backpack and ready to watch the show!
They handed out these cute Baby Jaguar masks for the kids. Mikayla loved growling with all of the other kids.
It was such a fun night. I haven't had the opportunity to do much with just Mikayla since Gavin was born. I was thankful to be able to spend this time with my little girl and see her have so much fun.