Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sewing Project

I am really trying to develop my sewing skills, so I am trying to set aside one afternoon a week to make some things. I have really enjoyed doing this – it is pretty relaxing. I also love seeing the finished product and being pleased with how it turned out.

This week I decided to my this hanging crib toy bag. I am pretty pleased with how mine turned out! Hopefully it will buy me a little time when Gavin wakes up from his nap, too. ;)

IMG_2920 IMG_2922

Monday, May 18, 2009

Woo hoo!!!

I got a very welcome call this morning. The doctor at the urgent care center called and said that the radiologist read the xray and didn't see a fracture. So I was able to take that splint of off Gavin this morning. He was so happy! I had put a sock over the splint to keep him from pulling it off, and he really didn't like being unable to use that hand. He had several moments of frustration. His poor little finger is still very bruised and swollen, but he d0esn't seem to notice. Yay!!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Poor boy!

Last night, Gavin’s right ring finger got caught in the hinge side of a closing door.  When Jeremy picked him up and I looked at his finger, there was an indentation at the end of his finger.  Then it started swelling and bruising almost immediately.  Gavin was very upset and wouldn’t use or move that finger.  I decided to take him to the pediatric urgent care to have it looked at.  They did an x-ray and the doctor thought that she saw a fracture to the end of the finger.  So my poor little boy gets to wear a splint on his hand for the next three weeks. 

I am still crossing my fingers that when the radiologist does the follow-up read, that they will decide that there is no fracture there.  I’m trying to figure out how to let a little boy play outside and not get his splint dirty.  I also want to know how to get that little boy that loves to play outside clean, since I can’t get his splint wet.  IMG_2913

I was determined to take that bottle away this week when we used up the last of the liners that go in the bottle, but I think we will be waiting a couple more weeks.  I can’t bring myself to take away his greatest love when he has that poor thing on his hand.


The nurse put a smiley face on the splint after she finished, in hopes of cheering him up – it didn’t work.

Last Day

Mikayla’s last day of school was this past Wednesday.  They had a Recognition Program and then her class had a party afterwards.  The kids had a lot of fun.  Mikayla was pretty emotional about the whole day.  She doesn’t do very well with change and she was pretty sad about the idea of not seeing her friends and teacher for the rest of the summer. IMG_2907

She did enjoy these ice cream cone cupcakes.  They were pretty cute!  She was really surprised when she bit into the ice cream and got a mouthful of cake.


This is a picture of Mikayla and Mrs. Tamie.  Mikayla was not in the mood to smile, but that’s okay.  She had a great year and will really miss her teacher.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Mother’s Tea

Today, Mikayla’s Preschool hosted a tea for the children and their moms.  We had a lovely brunch in Mikayla’s classroom with all of her friends and their mother’s.  We were also given some very nice gifts that the kids made.  Mikayla has been so excited about this day.  She has been asking everyday before school for about two weeks if today is the Mother’s lunch.   She was very excited when she saw me at school this morning.  IMG_2887 Me and my sweet girl.

IMG_2888 Mikayla painted this picture for me.

IMG_2889 This was a little paragraph of things that Mikayla thought about me.  My favorite was “I love my mommy because I’m special.” No lack of self esteem there!

IMG_2890 This is a butterfly necklace that she made me.


This is a plate that Mikayla made for me.  The grass is made with her fingers and the flowers and bugs are made with her fingerprints.  I can’t wait to get a stand for it so I can display it.

Meet Mommy, Daddy and Nathan

Last week, Mikayla started asking if we could get a bird as a pet.  She was pretty persistent.   Thankfully, I was able to redirect her into wanting some fish instead.  So, last Thursday, we all went to WalMart and picked out three little fish.  Mikayla has named them Mommy, Daddy and Nathan.   She was SO excited when she got them.  We called both grandmas on the way home.  She was so happy, that she could hardly speak.  She kept stuttering and tripping over her words.  She is very good about remembering to feed them and she likes to sit in front of the tank and talk with her pets.   She also gave them some stuffed animals to sleep with their first night in her room.  She picked out some sea animals to put next to their tank so they wouldn’t be afraid or lonely.  Such a thoughtful little girl!IMG_2878 This is a picture of Mommy and Daddy.  I wasn’t able to get a picture of them all together.  IMG_2880

The very proud new fish owner.