Friday, October 19, 2007

Busy couple of days...

Mikayla at the pumpkin patch with her little pumpkin
Our family on the hayride (didn't induce any contractions - darn!!)
Mikayla on the pony at Ella's birthday party

Well, I thought I would try to get one more post in before I have this baby next Monday. We have had alot of fun doing some things this past weekend.

First of all, on Friday, we went to a pumpkin patch with our friends, Thomas and NIcole and their little boy Ryan. Mikayla loved seeing all of the pumpkins and going on the hayride around the farm. We had fun picking out a pumpkin and Mikayla even got to pick out her own little pumpkin.

Saturday, Mikayla was invited to a birthday party for one of her new little classmates in her preschool class. They had a pony ride there which was obviously a pretty big hit. There were a couple of other kids from her class there, and I enjoyed getting to meet some of the other parents.

I worked my last two shifts before going out on maternity leave on Monday and Tuesday. It has been very busy in the Pediatric Emergency rooms of Atlanta so I was pretty anxious to be done and have a nice long break. My husband keeps reminding me however, that my job is probably much easier than the adventure that I am going to embark upon in the next couple of weeks. He is probably right, but I enjoy the motherhood thing so much more, even when it is really hard.

I had my last doctor's appointment before my c-section on Monday. Everything is looking good and we are set for the early hours of next Monday morning. I have been talking alot more with Mikayla about what to expect next week so that, hopefully, the transition will be a little bit easier for her. These conversations have sparked some cute little comments from her. First of all, we have been telling her about how she gets to stay at Grandma's house while Mommy is in the hospital having the baby. I have told her that her and Grandma will come visit us alot while we are there. Mikayla is a big "Diego" fan...on the show, Diego runs around rescuing animals. Mikayla informed me the other day that her and Grandma were going to rescue me from the hospital, because she needed to see us more. I have also explained to Mikayla that the doctor will be getting the baby out of Mommy's tummy and that she will be able to see him. This has sparked alot of funny comments. First she said, "Dr. Graham is going to pull Gavin out by his feet and I am going to help him." I'll have to make sure I let Dr. Graham know he has a little assistant eager to help - he has three kids under the age of 4 so I am sure he will appreciate her point-of-view. She also keeps talking about how he is "stuck" right now and that he is going to come out soon. I've been pretty impressed about how much of this she is seeming to grasp. I hope and pray that next week goes smoothly for everyone, especially Mikayla.
Oh, I also wanted to inform everyone that Mikayla's furniture finally got here last Thursday. I have been a little stressed about the long delay that we had experienced in getting this - I couldn't really complain since we were getting such a good deal on it, though. It feels good to have Mikayla and Gavin's rooms set. It's also nice to have Gavin's clothes put away instead of all over the changing table. Mikayla loves her new bed and comments frequently about how Daddy made it for her. She has done really well, transitioning to a big girl bed. She doesn't usually go right to sleep when we put he in there, but we haven't had a problem with her getting out too much. I do hear her getting up to get books off of her bookshelf, but she has NEVER left her room. She doesn't even leave the room when she wakes up...she calls for us to come get her out. This is a little annoying in the morning, but I am also not in the mood to teach her that she can escape if she really wanted to.

I will do my best to post pictures of little Gavin as soon as I get home. Wish us luck!!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Petting Zoo!

Petting a miniature pony
Having a conversation a tortoise
Petting a pig
Being sweet with the bunnies
Petting a sheep and her dove buddies
Today, Mikayla's preschool hosted a little petting zoo. They invited the parents to come and I am so glad that I did! It was the first time that I have been able to see Mikayla interact with her class and teachers. It was a real fun experience. Mikayla had so much fun moving around with the animals, feeding them, and chasing a couple of them. The pictures show how much fun she had. I am really glad that my ever changing size didn't get in the way of me being there. It's hard to believe that I have only 11 days to go until my c-section!