Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Planting flowers

We spent Memorial Day at my parent's house yesterday while Jeremy was busy at work. We had a nice afternoon and evening with everyone. After dinner, Mikayla helped by mom plant some flowers. They had a great time together!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

New sandbox

Well, if you remember from an earlier post, Mikayla has been using her sand toys to dig in the dirt. There is a very long list that encompass the reasons that I do not wish for this trend to continue. Jeremy and I had been talking about getting her a sandbox, and today we finally got one. Mikayla was so excited and inhaled her lunch so that she could go out and play in her new toy. She got to play for about 45 minutes before it started raining. She wasn't to happy about having to leave her new toy. We did find out that the cover does a great job. After her nap, she couldn't get her shoes on fast enough to go back out. I have a feeling this will be frequent visitors of the sandbox this summer.

Mikayla burying Daddy's feet.
Gavin liked being on the ground. However, he started pulling out the grass and trying to put it in his mouth, so we had to move his Bumbo into a chair.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bad Mom Award!!

Note to self:

When you take your children to the park, even if it is for only one hour, put sunscreen on your six month old!!!

Luckily, it is just his poor little legs. He was in his stroller which shaded his face and arms. Mikayla was able to escape in sunburn - I think she was moving around to much for the sun to get her! (Actually, I think she has been blessed with some good genes - not mine!) I got alot of sun on my arms and lower legs. Thankfully, for my children's sakes, I think I got the most sun today.

Mommy got to enjoy swimming lessons, too!

Aunt Lollie came up to watch Mikayla's swim lesson yesterday. She was watched Gavin, so I was able to get in the water with her. It was a good thing because this swim lesson was a little challenging for Mikayla. They were learning how to handle themselves in a life vest so that if they ever fell in the water with one on, that they wouldn't panic. Mikayla did NOT like floating on her back and not being able to really sit up. She is much happier to swim with floaties or while holding on to a foam noodle.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Last day of School

Well, I started this blog on Mikayla's first day of preschool. Today was her last day of preschool. She has grown and changed so much over this year. She had two fantastic teachers and made lots of new friends. I know she will miss it this summer (as will Mommy ;-) !).

Gavin waiting patiently for her recognition program to start....
Mikayla getting her "diploma" (a rolled up piece of paper that said "we'll miss you")
Gavin was a big hit with the kids during the little party they had afterwards.
Mikayla's boyfriend, Kell. They were such good buddies and we hope to get together with him some this summer.
Mikayla with her teachers, Mrs. Heather and Mrs. Kila. Mikayla is actually happy... that is her "smile" when you ask her to smile. So cheesy!

Mother's Day

Last Sunday was my first Mother's Day with my sweet little boy. Jeremy had to work, unfortunately, but I had a nice day just the same. The kids slept in and were very good at church, which was perhaps the best Mother's Day gift of all! After church, the kids and I headed down to my mom's for lunch. I loved spending time with my mom and the rest of my family. After Jeremy was done with work, we headed out to his mom's house for dinner. She made the best jambalaya and we had such a nice evening with them. I loved getting to spend the day with everyone and celebrating the wonderful gift of motherhood.

It turned out to be a good day!

Well, last Saturday definitely didn't turn out as planned! Since Jeremy had to work on Mother's Day, we decided to spend Saturday together as a family to do something fun. The hospital I work for was having a picnic down at Turner Field, so we decided to get the kids out and head down there. There was supposed to be lots of food, fun and games for the kids.
On the way down there, my car suddenly started making this horrible sound from the engine that sounded alot like a Harley motorcycle engine (I have a nice and quiet Chrysler Pacifica). We pulled off of the highway and had to call a tow truck and my parents to come bail us out.
My parents brought a second car for us to borrow, which was very nice. However, by the time that we had taken care of everything with the car, we would have only gotten to go to the picnic for about one hour. We decided it was not worth the time and gas to go all the way down there, but we didn't want to scrap the whole day.
We stopped by Publix to by some lunch and we went and had a picnic at a park along the Chattahoochee River. My dad used to take me and my siblings to this park when we were younger. We had such a nice time eating with each other, playing on the playground and feeding the ducks.
I was so worried when we were sitting there waiting for the tow truck, that our day was ruined. It wasn't what we had planned, but it really turned out to be such a nice day spent with my favorite people!!

Mikayla had so much fun at the playground!

She obviously has no fear of these geese. We were feeding the bread and Mikayla had a tendency to hold on the the bread a little to long to the point where the geese were crowding all around her. I had to stand behind her and throw bread all around her so that she wouldn't get clobbered by a flock of geese!
Gavin had fun, too! He loved strolling around and having the nice breeze on his face.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Swimming Lessons

Mikayla started swimming lessons last Tuesday. She will go for the next 6 weeks. I don't expect to have an expert swimmer after this, but I do hope that if she were to accidentally fall in, that she would be able to keep her head above the water long enough for me to save her. Since I will have two kids at the pool this summer, I wanted her to know some basics so that we could all have a fun and safe time. This is Mikayla with her class. You can tell that she isn't the slightest bit apprehensive.
Here she is blowing bubbles in the water.
Mikayla swimming with one of her teachers (and someone's arm in my picture ARGHHH!)

How cute are these!!

Okay, these might be completely impractical, but I just had to get them!! (P.S. I LOVE Target!)

I am glad that this is over!

Last Thursday, Gavin had his six month checkup. He weighed in at 16 lbs. 6 oz. (40%), was 27 3/4" long (80%), and his head was 17" around (50%). I can't believe how much he has grown!! After all of the fun checkup stuff, came the not so fun stuff. Gavin definitely did not like getting his four vaccine shots (who would???).
That night, Gavin spiked a temperature of 103. I was a little concerned, because this is pretty high, even after having had vaccines that day. I called the doctor on call and I ended up getting connected with the nurse advice line. After going through the symptoms, they reccomended that I take him to the urgent care to get checked out. I really didn't want to, but I knew if anything happened, I would never forgive myself for not heeding their recommendation. We went to the urgent care, where they did blood work, a urine test and a chest xray. They did the chest xray because the little guy had a HORRIBLE cough. Of course, after spending $50 and an hour of my time, everything was fine.
Well, all in all, Gavin has been okay, except for the fact that he had had a fever all week. He was eating okay and doing fine, but we couldn't shake the fever. Well, I hope I am not jinxing anything, but we have been fever free for 36 hours. Keeping my fingers crossed that everything is okay!!

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Sweet pictures

Words can't do these pictures justice....

Primary Activity

Mikayla justed started going to the Primary at church in January. She went to her first quarterly activity last Saturday. Some members of our church own a gymnastics gym that they sometimes rent out for birthday parties and activities. They donated some time for the activity and all of the kids had a blast. They had a bounce house, a large slide, a rope swing and all of the regular gymnastics equipment.
There was also a toddler room that had much smaller equipment and a large foam pit. Mikayla mainly hung out in this room the whole morning. She had so much fun and literally ran around for two hours straight. She is definitely a little girl with big energy!!

Circus Day!!

Last Friday, Mikayla's preschool had a Circus Day. The is a fun annual event that they have at the end of the year. The kids "ticket" is a costume. Mikayla was dressed up as a "tight-rope walker" - to her, she was basically a ballerina. We had alot of fun there. Life has been so busy lately, and it was really nice to have a couple of hours of family time.

When we first got there, we were in charge of one of the game stations. It was an egg race. There wasn't much racing involved, but the kids had alot of fun. After that, we took Mikayla to the pony ride. It was a pretty long line, so we wanted to get that part done, to make sure that it happened before the Circus was over. Mikayla loves pony rides and this was definitely the highlight of the day. After the pony ride, we headed inside to the many game "booths" inside - Mikayla had a hard time getting some of the games, but she had so much fun trying to do them all. We wrapped up the event with some popcorn and an icee.
All in all, it was a busy, loud, but very fun event. It was such a treat to spend time with every member of my family (at the same time!!)

Lots of catching up to do

I apologize for the next couple of posts - there will be several. It has been so busy this past week. I am exhausted, but if I don't get some out I will never be able to catch up.