Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bad Mom Award!!

Note to self:

When you take your children to the park, even if it is for only one hour, put sunscreen on your six month old!!!

Luckily, it is just his poor little legs. He was in his stroller which shaded his face and arms. Mikayla was able to escape in sunburn - I think she was moving around to much for the sun to get her! (Actually, I think she has been blessed with some good genes - not mine!) I got alot of sun on my arms and lower legs. Thankfully, for my children's sakes, I think I got the most sun today.


Morgan & Emily said...

Poor little Gavin! He'll have a nice tan (like babies need that anyways...)

Lisa said...

I suspect that he will forgive you. =)

kathymatthews927 said...

Ask Nana what she did to Jeremy was worse. Gavin will see worse in his lifetime.

Kate said...

Hey, in the 1930's that was what your were supposed to do to babies at the start of summer! :)