Thursday, May 15, 2008

It turned out to be a good day!

Well, last Saturday definitely didn't turn out as planned! Since Jeremy had to work on Mother's Day, we decided to spend Saturday together as a family to do something fun. The hospital I work for was having a picnic down at Turner Field, so we decided to get the kids out and head down there. There was supposed to be lots of food, fun and games for the kids.
On the way down there, my car suddenly started making this horrible sound from the engine that sounded alot like a Harley motorcycle engine (I have a nice and quiet Chrysler Pacifica). We pulled off of the highway and had to call a tow truck and my parents to come bail us out.
My parents brought a second car for us to borrow, which was very nice. However, by the time that we had taken care of everything with the car, we would have only gotten to go to the picnic for about one hour. We decided it was not worth the time and gas to go all the way down there, but we didn't want to scrap the whole day.
We stopped by Publix to by some lunch and we went and had a picnic at a park along the Chattahoochee River. My dad used to take me and my siblings to this park when we were younger. We had such a nice time eating with each other, playing on the playground and feeding the ducks.
I was so worried when we were sitting there waiting for the tow truck, that our day was ruined. It wasn't what we had planned, but it really turned out to be such a nice day spent with my favorite people!!

Mikayla had so much fun at the playground!

She obviously has no fear of these geese. We were feeding the bread and Mikayla had a tendency to hold on the the bread a little to long to the point where the geese were crowding all around her. I had to stand behind her and throw bread all around her so that she wouldn't get clobbered by a flock of geese!
Gavin had fun, too! He loved strolling around and having the nice breeze on his face.


Natalie said...

That sounds so great...where is this park? I want to go!