Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Fun Day

We have had a great day today.  My sister, Laura is visiting from Provo for the next two weeks.  We love spending time with her!  Today we had a very jam-packed and fun filled day.

First, we went to the Riverside Splash Park in Roswell.  It is a brand new park and the kids had a blast!   We will definitely be visiting this place again.  Another bonus…it’s free! :)IMG_3426IMG_3478IMG_3456 IMG_3436

After the splash park, we went back to my mom’s to eat lunch and put Gavin down for a nap.  Since we were still in our swimsuits, we decided to go over to my grandparents swimming pool and let Mikayla enjoy some more water time.

She has become such a great swimmer over the summer.  She can swim “without floaties” for longer and longer periods of time.  She is also jumping of the side of the pool and swimming back to the edge with ease.  I can’t believe she is old enough to be swimming by herself!

IMG_3486 IMG_3494   IMG_3497

After swimming, we returned to my parent’s and watched my brother Dan make some very yummy pizza’s for us.  He occasionally works in the kitchen at Mellow Mushroom, so he can make some great ones.  IMG_3505

I loved watching him flip the pizza dough into the air.  I could never do that!


Mikayla had a lot of fun helping Uncle Dan put toppings on the pizzas.  They had a great time together


     Well, poor little Mikayla had a very full day.  To top it off she broke out in some unexplained rash in which I had to give her some Benadryl.  As you can see the combo of a busy day and the drugs was a little much for her.  She barely made it through dinner.  She did pick up a  little second wind after dinner, but she passed out in the car on the way home.

I love family days like this.  The only thing that would have made it better would have been to have my sweet husband there and my other sister Emily!  We missed you!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Thunderstorms and Babies

This morning, I was awakened around 6am by a horrendous thunderstorm here in Hilton Head.  I didn't want to wake anyone else up so I headed over to the computer and started fiddling around on the internet.  Gavin was sleeping with Jeremy and I all of sudden saw a little head pop up and say “Hi!”  I went over and got him so that he wouldn’t wake anyone up.

I got a blanket and we cuddled together at the desk while I looked around on the internet some.   He just talked and talked to me for almost and hour until Mikayla woke up.  Of course, I couldn’t understand much of what he said, but I just loved listening to his sweet little jibber-jabber.   I am anxious to understand him, but I will really miss is little language.  I really enjoyed getting to cuddle with my little boy in the dark with the thunderstorm in the back ground.  It was a great start to my day.

Hilton Head Day 4

We were really concerned that yesterday was going to be a complete washout.  It was forecasted that it was going to rain all day.  When we woke up, it was a little overcast but after breakfast it started to clear out, so we hurried back to the room and got ready to head to the beach.  

Do to a little sunscreen mishap with Gavin (and his poor eyes),  Mikayla and I headed down to the pool first while Jeremy bathed Gavin and got him calmed down.   Gavin joined us shortly thereafter and played in the kiddie pool with Mikayla for a little bit. 

IMG_3354 IMG_3356

After we were sure that Gavin was good, we headed down for the beach before the afternoon rain set in.  We had a great day.  It was a little overcast which helped to cut down on the heat.  We didn’t even have to set up our umbrella.  The kids had a lot of fun and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Here are some various pictures of the kids and their day.

IMG_3358 IMG_3360 IMG_3362

Mikayla was not a big fan of the salt water in her eyes, so she could often be seen wearing her goggles in the ocean to protect her baby blues from that stingy salt water.

IMG_3365 IMG_3367IMG_3366IMG_3368 IMG_3370  IMG_3376  IMG_3381 Jeremy dug a large hole to collect some sand for a castle he attempted to build (Gavin wrecked it).  Mikayla sat in the hole and we covered the bottom half of her up with sand.  She thought that was pretty funny.IMG_3385  Gavin, then proceeded to sit on Mikayla’s lap and play in the sand right on top of her.  It was pretty cute!IMG_3388 IMG_3390 IMG_3395IMG_3377

Isn’t that the cutest footprint of a sweet little boy that you have ever seen!


You could tell that there was a forecast of rain for the next couple days.  This was by far the most crowded that we have seen the beach since we have been here. 

It seems like it is more than likely going to rain for the remainder of our trip.  :(  Even with the early rain out, though, we have had a WONDERFUL trip.  We have had so much fun with the kids and have made some wonderful memories. 

Hilton Head Day 3

I have fallen a little behind in keeping everyone updated with our vacation.  The past two nights while attempting to get the kids to fall asleep, I have fallen asleep myself, thus not having anytime to blog about our adventures.

These are pictures from Wednesday.  We got up a little earlier and headed down to the beach.   My kids just love going – they have so much fun playing in the surf and building (er…crashing) things in the sand. IMG_3317IMG_3322  IMG_3320  Mikayla and I built a “sandcastle” together, complete with a moat around it.  During the construction of said castle, Gavin treated me to my very own sand back exfoliation.  I even got a foot treatment later in the day, too! :)IMG_3328

This is a picture of Mikayla after she rolled around in the wet sand.  She thought it was very funny.  She is such a silly girl!

IMG_3323  Mikayla loved sitting at the edge of the water and letting the waves come over her.  IMG_3332

Jeremy took Gavin down to the water and let him feel the water come over his legs.  IMG_3341

After that, Gavin was hooked!  He ran back and forth between the edge of the water and us for quite sometime.  He has really enjoyed himself.

It started raining Wednesday evening.  It was so windy that a large branch came down over the  road that leads out of the hotel.  Thankfully, there was another route and we headed out to eat at a great barbecue place called One Hot Mama’s.  It was VERY good!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hilton Head Day 2

Today was another fun-filled day at the beach.  We got down to the beach around 11am and the kids immediately started playing in the sand.   IMG_3295 Gavin thought that Daddy needed an exfoliating treatment on his back.  He kept picking up sand and rubbing it into his back.  He did this much of the time that we were at the beach today. 

IMG_3298 Mikayla and Daddy tried to make a sand castle, but a certain little boy thought it was a lot of fun to crash into the sand castles so they just had fun digging around.

IMG_3303 - edited Mikayla let us bury her in the sand.  We tried to make a Little Mermaid out of her, but she had a hard time keeping those toes covered by the sand. 

IMG_3304 IMG_3306 Thankfully, for us, Mikayla has had what I consider a healthy fear of the ocean.  She likes to get right at the waters edge and let the waves come over her, but she doesn’t try to venture out too far unless someone is with her.  Gavin is pretty much the same way which helped bring my stress level down a little bit.  I was really worried about having to watch two kids down in the water.  I still have to watch them, but I am not so worried that they are going to try to go out too far. 

IMG_3308 - edited Towards the end of our visit, Gavin passed out on me.  He stayed like this for about 30 minutes.  I really enjoyed the cuddles with my sweet boy.   It isn’t often that I get to hold him for this long anymore. 

IMG_3311 After the beach, we hit the pool for a short period of time and then we went back to the hotel room to shower and get ready for dinner.  We went to the Wreck of Salty Dog, which is part of the Salty Dog Cafe chain located here in Hilton Head.  We attempted to go to the main cafe, but they was a nearly 2 hour wait.  Not a great thing with two hungry kids.  Dinner was great, though, and we were not at all disappointed.  They had a great fish tank with some very unusual looking fish in it. 

IMG_3312 - edited After dinner, Mikayla had her picture taken with a figurine of the Salty Dog.  She liked his yellow hat. :)IMG_3313-edited

After dinner, we got some ice cream at the Salty Dog Ice Cream Shop (they have everything!).  It was pretty hot even at 7pm, so the ice cream was melting pretty quickly.  Mikayla is also not a very neat ice cream eater as it is.  It made for some cute photo ops, though. IMG_3314

Anyone that know Gavin will appreciate that he played with the buckles of his stroller the whole time we were eating ice cream.  That boy is obsessed with buckles!  So much so, that we recently had to take the buckles off of his highchair, because he will spend an entire dinner buckling and unbuckling himself.  Thankfully, that is the only thing he has figured out how to unbuckle, so far.

Tomorrow, we are planning to start the day at the beach again.  We are expecting some afternoon thundershowers, so we wanted to make sure we got some time at the beach before that rolled on through.  We did purchase a beach trolley today.  We quickly learned that it is very difficult to carry all of the things needed to keep children safe and happy and the beach and try to carry them as well.  Seeing as how we love to visit the beach, I think it will get a lot of use over the years.  Our trip down should be much simpler tomorrow.

Some cute videos to share

I got some sweet videos of the kids today that I wanted to share with you.

This first one is of Gavin and his ever developing vocabulary.  The boy doesn’t say much that people can understand.  He is trying new words all the time, lately though.  Gavin likes to watch Dora the Explorer with his big sister (which I had the “joy” of listening to for about 2-3 hours on the way to the beach today).  There is a fox on that cartoon called “Swiper” that is always trying to swipe things from Dora.  In the show, Dora will say, “Swiper, no swiping!”  Gavin can often be caught saying “swiping”  It doesn’t exactly sound like that, but it is pretty cute.

This next one is of Mikayla trying to occupy her brother while I am about to jump in the shower.  Gavin has really grown to love the song “Five little monkey swinging in the tree.”  He will just giggle and giggle whenever that alligator snaps up a monkey.  It was so cute to see them acting like this together.  If you notice during one of Mikayla’s small breaks, he raises his hand and says “monkey.”  Yes, it does sound  a lot like “Swiping,” but I am just happy that he is finally trying to say some words.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Hilton Head Day 1

Thanks to some great “wheeling and dealing” on the internet, we are currently on vacation at the Crowne Plaza Resort at Hilton Head Island.

This was our first road trip where we experienced the incessant “Are we there yet?”  Okay, it wasn’t those exact words, but it was pretty much the same.   Mikayla could not wait to see the beach.

We got to the hotel around 4pm and quickly changed into our swimsuits.  Mikayla wanted to go to the pool first, and then we headed to the beach.  The kids had a great time.   The both liked the water, although, Mikayla thought it was too salty. :)  The really liked spending time in the sand.  I think Gavin could spend all day just playing in the sand (I guess we’ll find out tomorrow!).

Here are some cute pictures for your enjoyment.

IMG_3267 IMG_3270 IMG_3274 IMG_3277 IMG_3278 IMG_3286

The hotel room is very nice and I think the beds are going to be very comfy.  Mikayla particularly liked the “sleep mask” that was placed on her bed. IMG_3288 IMG_3289 We had a busy first day with a lot of driving and fun in the sun.  This is what happens to a one year old who does all of that without a nap.  Sweet boy.