Friday, October 22, 2010

Last night as a two year old…..

Well, Gavin decided he needed to have some excitement for the last night of him being a two year old.  As we were just about to finish bath time and head to bed, he slipped in the tub and cut open his chin.  Thankfully, it was not a big cut, but I knew he needed a few stitches.  So, I loaded him and Kayla in the car, dropped Kayla off at my parents and headed down to the ER.  (For the second time in less than 6 weeks!!)

IMG_0798 Gavin hanging out in the waiting room with his numbing jelly on.  He was so active and busy!  You could tell he was up way past his bedtime.  (Which results in him getting hyper)IMG_0799 After his stitches, Miss Keri got him a popsicle.  He was very happy about that.  I would like to say that Gavin was a trooper and super brave, but well, he pitched a major fit.   He did NOT like being held down.  He screamed ( high-pitched, glass-shattering ) the whole time.  Thankfully the plastic surgeon was super quick.  As soon as we let go of him, he immediately quieted down.IMG_0800

He got about four or five stitches an they put a steri strip over it so that he wouldn’t be able to pull the sutures out. IMG_0801 I thought we deserved some Steak and Shake on the way home.  I did this with Mikayla when she broke her arm.  I think it is a nice tradition.  Hopefully, we don’t have to make it a frequent tradition, though…. I don’t think my waist line could handle it!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fun Run!

Mikayla’s elementary school holds  a fundraiser “Fun Run” each year.  Family and friends can donate flat donations or pledge money per lap for her to run.  The parents come cheer them along.  It was really a fun little event!2010-10-15 08.55.32 This is Mikayla right before the big run.  She was so excited!


She was also happy to have Gavin and I there to cheer her along.  They had some dancing and cheering beforehand – they had a great time doing that together.IMG_0768 Mikayla the runner!  She did great! IMG_0771

Gavin entertained himself by playing with his shadow. :)IMG_0773

30 laps!!!  I was so proud of her.IMG_0775

One of her teachers, Mrs. Warren, took our picture.  I was happy to be able to be there for Mikayla’s first big event at her school (even if it was preceded by a night of work and 3 1/2 hours of sleep). 

Fair time!

This has become a fun family tradition for us.  Every year, Jeremy and I look forward to taking our children to the Cumming Country Fair.  It is such a fun event and we love watching our little ones have a great time.  IMG_0711 There was a robot that greet the fair patrons near the front gates.  Mikayla was super excited to meet a “real” robot. :)

IMG_0715 This year, Mikayla decided that she wanted to ride the ferris wheel.  Jeremy is not a huge fan of heights, but I am love the thrill of going high, so I was super excited to go on it with Mikayla.  This is a picture of her just as we got into the cart right before we went up.  Isn’t she the picture of nervous excitement??IMG_0716 This is a picture looking down as we start to go up.  We were the first to get loaded on the wheel, so we got to take a slow trip all around as they loaded it up.  IMG_0718

This is our view from the top.  We were so high!  I have to admit that I was a little nervous as we were going up.  I started second guessing my decision about thinking it was a good idea to bring my wiggly five year old onto a ride with no seatbelts (there was a safety bar.  Thankfully, she understood how important it was to be still and to sit back.  IMG_0719 A picture of us as we went around and around!  I was so proud of her.  I could see that she was a little nervous as we went around the first time, but after that she just had fun and enjoyed the view.  I will never forget this “first” for her. :)IMG_0720 This was the first year that Gavin could really ride most of the “little kid” rides.  They decided to tackle this little roller coaster first.  IMG_0723 As you can see, they both loved it!

IMG_0729 IMG_0731 IMG_0735 IMG_0741 They really had a great time riding everything together.  Mikayla was so kind and let him pick where they sat.  She is such a thoughtful sister. IMG_0747 IMG_0753

They also had a petting zoo there.  It was filled with mini kangaroos (aka joeys), a llama, a zebra, tortoises, birds and several other animals.  Mikayla also had the opportunity to feed a camel and many goats.  Gavin wasn’t too keen on the idea of letting them eat out of his hand.  He did throw food at them, though. :) IMG_0756 This was a little obstacle course that the kids did together.  Last year, Mikayla froze on this bridge and had to be guided off by one of the workers.  Well, this year, she was still pretty timid and got a little frustrated when other kids made the bridge move, but she did finish it all by herself.  She was apparantly a little slow, though.  When given the chance, Gavin pushed right by her and ran ahead.  That boy has no fear!IMG_0759 IMG_0761 The final ride of the night was the merry go round.  They both loved it and loved that Jeremy and I could go on it with them. 

We had such a great night together…I can’t wait for next year!

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Big Girl Occasion!

Mikayla has been talking about getting her ears pierced for a little bit, but it has just basically been in passing.  I told her that whenever she felt ready I would be happy to take her.  Well this past Sunday, she decided that she wanted to have them pierced.  I explained to her in GREAT detail how she would get her ears pierced.  I also told her that she would have to let me clean her ears and turn her earrings several times a day for a very long time (6 weeks is a very long time for a 5 year old!).  She was still set on getting her ears pierced so after school on Monday we headed to the mall. 

I was SO IMPRESSED with how wonderful  she did.  She never wavered in her decision.  She picked out some cute little multicolored floral studs.  When they pierced the first ear, she did get a little teary (understandably), but she never yelled or fussed.  She was a little apprehensive about getting the second year pierced, but she held on tight to me and we got it done.  I think I may have been a little more emotional about it than her (at least on the inside).  I was just sitting there holding her with amazement in how fast she was growing up.


My big girl with freshly pierced ears!Untitled(6)  When we got home Gavin wanted earrings too. :)  Thankfully the single Mrs. Potato Head Earring that made him look like a pirate was enough!

Gavin’s injury….continued

Well, after wearing the long leg splint for the prescribed 48 hours, Gavin was still not wanting to bear any weight.  He was starting to show more tenderness to the foot/ankle area, so I decided to take him to the pediatrician for a recheck.  They ordered some foot films which showed this….

Foot xray0002 - edit copy Poor little guy has a broken foot :( .  There isn’t a ton that you can do for this unfortunately.   We spent a couple of days of me carrying him around (EVERYWHERE!).  After seeing very little improvement we decided to see the orthopedist to see if anything could be done to make him feel a little more comfortable.    They put him in something called a “Wee Walker.”  I unfortunately never got a picture of him in it, but it is basically just a  cast of sorts that Velcros on (which means we can take it off for baths and sleeping).  It has a hard bottom which made it much easier for him to walk around in.    He wore this for a little over a week and we have now graduated to just a hard soled shoe.  He still has a pretty good limp, but he is doing great.  The only down side of all of this (other than the four trips to doctors offices and x-ray facilities and the $300+ spent on everything) is that any advances we had made in potty training were completely lost.  Not being able to walk and move around made that very difficult.  Since he is now walking more normally, we are getting back on track with that and will hopefully be back to a daytime PullUp free existence by next week!

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Fun times in the ER

About two and a half weeks ago, Jeremy was out of town for a boys weekend.  I had to work on Friday night, so the kids spent the night at my mom’s house.  I slept Saturday morning at my mom’s and then got up so that I could spend some time with the kids.  My mom and I were in her kitchen when we hear a jump and then a cry.  This isn’t highly unusual with two rowdy kids, but the crying persisted.  I ran upstairs and Gavin was crying and not wanting to walk on his right foot.  Apparently, he had jumped off of the bed (with no assistance from his sister, or so I am told….).  Gavin is not one to cry for long after he is hurt.  It is actually a little bit of a running joke that all he needs is a kiss and it is instantly “all better!”  This time, however, the kisses did not heal all wounds.  Gavin cried (really hard) for at least 45 minutes and he still refused to bear weight.  So, after just having left work in the ER about 8 hours earlier, we headed down to the ER to get Gavin checked out.  Aside from the complete fit (and I mean MAJOR) he threw in triage because he couldn’t hold the Buzz Lightyear doll that was out there, he did pretty well.  The Child Life Specialist showered Mikayla and him with lots of activities to do.


This is a picture of Gavin watching Toy Story.  He is a little obsessed with Toy Story (wait for a whole blog post on that!) and that movie came on at the perfect time.  Our visit in the ER cut into his nap so he was a little whiney.  Untitled(2)  This is a picture of Mikayla with all of the stickers that she was given.  I think I remember her commenting on how fun it was to come to mommy’s work.  (She just needs to keep it at social visits though!)Untitled(7)

This is a picture of the three of us taken by my mom (thanks for coming and keeping me sane!) on my camera phone.Untitled(4)  They did an x-ray of his leg which showed no fracture.  However, since he still refused to bear weight the decided to put him in a long leg splint.  As you can imagine, he was a little less than thrilled about wearing that.  I wish that was the end of our story, but that is for a whole ‘nother blog post!