Thursday, October 07, 2010

Gavin’s injury….continued

Well, after wearing the long leg splint for the prescribed 48 hours, Gavin was still not wanting to bear any weight.  He was starting to show more tenderness to the foot/ankle area, so I decided to take him to the pediatrician for a recheck.  They ordered some foot films which showed this….

Foot xray0002 - edit copy Poor little guy has a broken foot :( .  There isn’t a ton that you can do for this unfortunately.   We spent a couple of days of me carrying him around (EVERYWHERE!).  After seeing very little improvement we decided to see the orthopedist to see if anything could be done to make him feel a little more comfortable.    They put him in something called a “Wee Walker.”  I unfortunately never got a picture of him in it, but it is basically just a  cast of sorts that Velcros on (which means we can take it off for baths and sleeping).  It has a hard bottom which made it much easier for him to walk around in.    He wore this for a little over a week and we have now graduated to just a hard soled shoe.  He still has a pretty good limp, but he is doing great.  The only down side of all of this (other than the four trips to doctors offices and x-ray facilities and the $300+ spent on everything) is that any advances we had made in potty training were completely lost.  Not being able to walk and move around made that very difficult.  Since he is now walking more normally, we are getting back on track with that and will hopefully be back to a daytime PullUp free existence by next week!