Friday, January 21, 2011

Christmas programs

One thing I have learned since Mikayla has started Kindergarten is how much more hectic my schedule is now!  With two children in two schools, the weeks before holidays get pretty busy.  I can only imagine how crazy things will be once we add #3!

At Mikayla’s school, the entire Kindergarten sang a variety of Holiday songs.   I loved watching Mikayla actually participate – she is historically known for just sitting there during programs and not joining in too terribly much. IMG_0981IMG_0983

She was one happy little girl that Grandma was able to come.  Gavin came to this program, too.  I wizened up this time though!  The program was first thing in the morning in the cafeteria.  I opted to buy Gavin a breakfast (even thought he had already eaten at home) – it kept him quiet and occupied. Smile


After the program, the children went back to the classroom for their little party and some crafts. 


I love that her teachers are always offering to take pictures of us together.  I don’t have too many of those!

The next morning, Gavin had his Christmas program.  Jeremy was able to join me for this one which was so nice for me!IMG_0999

My little angel did a great job singing.  I was a little worried at one point when he caught site of Jeremy and I.  I was just sure he was going to run from the stage to me.  He was satisfied with lots of smiles and waves, though.  (Thank goodness!)


Afterwards, the children returned to their classroom and did a little craft and then had some yummy treats.  Gavin did a great job on his gingerbread man – he insisted on doing it all by himself!

It’s always fun seeing my children with their peers and performing fun songs.  I just love it!

Nights of Lights

One of my favorite Christmas traditions is going to Lake Lanier to see “The Magical Nights of Lights” Christmas light display.  It is something that we all look forward to.

After we get through the gate, we let the kids sit in our laps while we drive through the park.  They love getting to do that!


We were able to get some pictures with the Coca-Cola bear – a true Atlanta Christmas icon!


After we picked out our family ornament (which I never took a picture of…grrr!), we went outside to the firepit to roast some marshmallows. 

Mikayla had a lot of fun stuffing her face full of “roasted” marshmallows.   Mikayla is not much of a true (in my eyes, at least) roaster.  She likes to stick it in the fire for about two seconds – I’m not sure it even warms it!  She likes there to be NO black on there ( in my opinion, the more charred the better!).  Oh well, she has fun and that is all that matters.IMG_0976

Now, Gavin LOVES to roast the marshmallows, but he will not eat them ( or much of anything else, for that matter! ).  Again, as long as he is having fun!


I love creating these kind of memories with our growing family – I hope this tradition is one that carries on for a long time.

Thanksgiving Programs and Feasts

Sorry I am still so behind – I am hoping to be caught up by the end of January!

I had so much fun watching both of my children in the Thanksgiving programs this year.

Gavin was a little turkey – and a very cute one at that!  This was his first official program at preschool.  He did such a great job!


Sorry for the less than stellar picture quality – it’s hard to get a really good picture in the Sanctuary at the preschool.


Afterwards the preschool had their traditional Thanksgiving “Feast”….at 10:00am!  They even had food for the parents – I didn’t think I could stomach chicken nuggets that early! Ha!IMG_0910

Me and my sweet little boy. Smile


Later that week, Mikayla’s Kindergarten held their own Thanksgiving Feast and program.  Mikayla was dressed as an Indian.  I think by the end of the day she wished she had picked to be a Pilgrim.  She felt that the grocery bag vest was too uncomfortable – I thought she was cute!


Their feast was actually during their lunch time.   It was a good meal, too!  They had turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, plenty of veggies, bread and some very yummy desserts!  Gavin and I snacked on some bread and cookies. Smile


Mikayla loved having her brother there at her feast – it was a little difficult on my end.  It is definitely much easier when I am able to leave him at home with Jeremy.  The room can get crowded pretty quickly and Gavin can be a little impatient at times.  IMG_0915

This is Mikayla with her classmates singing some Thanksgiving songs.  Doesn’t her teacher look fun?  Well, she is! Smile


After their program, the children split up into groups and did some fall and Thanksgiving crafts.  We have some very creative and hardworking Room Moms.


Mikayla showing off some of her handiwork.

I’m so grateful that I am able to be at all of these school functions with my little ones – it definitely makes me a happy mommy!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

First Field Trip!

Back at the beginning of November, Mikayla’s Kindergarten went on a field trip to the INK Children’s Museum.  I was so happy that I was able to chaperone and go with her.  It was so fun to see her with her friends and teachers.


Mikayla and a friend of hers milking a cow.


Mikayla and some of the other students cleaning their teacher, Mrs. Brown’s, teeth.


Mikayla getting a great hair style from a little boy in her class.


Playing with the musical instruments.


They had a very old (like probably early 20s) fire truck that had a little Dalmatian in the front.  Mikayla really enjoyed this.


Mikayla driving the police cruiser.

I was so grateful that I had the opportunity to share this “first” with Mikayla – I will never forget it! Smile


This year, I had to work Halloween night (the downside of being a nurse).  So that I could see my cuties in their costumes we went down to my parent’s house for a little dinner and I left for work just before they went trick-or-treating.IMG_0860

Buzz Lightyear


Super Girl!


My little ones with their cousin, Andrew.  He’s a cute little raccoon isn’t he.  My sister made the costume!


I am not big into dressing up, but when you work at a children’s hospital it is kind of required.  So I donned some butterfly wings and lots of glittery hairspray.  I loved getting hugs from my little trick-or-treaters before heading into work.

Halloween Parade

This year, at the preschool, they decided to have their annual Halloween parade outside.  Gavin was having a great time showing off his Buzz costume…until he caught sight of Jeremy and I.  After that, I had to finish the parade along with him. 


This is Gavin holding on to Jeremy for dear life! Smile


Afterwards, his class had a little party and then they went trick or treating to all of the classrooms.   He almost stopped after he got that first sucker.  He’s easily pleased!

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

We made our annual trip to our local Pumpkin Patch shortly before Halloween.  It was unseasonable warm which was nice, but it didn’t feel like a good fall pumpkin patch visit.  We had a great time though. 


This year they had some of their animals at the end of the covered area where the pumpkins are.  They were very calm animals that seemed to tolerate all of the attention.  Gavin loved the goats and Mikayla was mostly intrigued with the cow.


Mikayla cooperated quite nicely with letting me take a “pumpkin” picture….Gavin, yeah, not so much. Smile


We went on the hayride around the farm – the kids always love this activity.


I just love these two little people!


About half way through the hayride, the let you stop at their pond that is full of very big catfish.  They have food that you can give them which just brings the catfish all around the dock.  There is definitely no question as to what makes those catfish so big – they probably get fed about 20 times a day!  IMG_0844

See! They do love each other!

I always love these opportunities that we have to go on a fun family outing.  With our busy schedules, it doesn’t happen as often as I would like.  That just makes me appreciate these moments that much more.