Friday, January 21, 2011

Thanksgiving Programs and Feasts

Sorry I am still so behind – I am hoping to be caught up by the end of January!

I had so much fun watching both of my children in the Thanksgiving programs this year.

Gavin was a little turkey – and a very cute one at that!  This was his first official program at preschool.  He did such a great job!


Sorry for the less than stellar picture quality – it’s hard to get a really good picture in the Sanctuary at the preschool.


Afterwards the preschool had their traditional Thanksgiving “Feast”….at 10:00am!  They even had food for the parents – I didn’t think I could stomach chicken nuggets that early! Ha!IMG_0910

Me and my sweet little boy. Smile


Later that week, Mikayla’s Kindergarten held their own Thanksgiving Feast and program.  Mikayla was dressed as an Indian.  I think by the end of the day she wished she had picked to be a Pilgrim.  She felt that the grocery bag vest was too uncomfortable – I thought she was cute!


Their feast was actually during their lunch time.   It was a good meal, too!  They had turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, plenty of veggies, bread and some very yummy desserts!  Gavin and I snacked on some bread and cookies. Smile


Mikayla loved having her brother there at her feast – it was a little difficult on my end.  It is definitely much easier when I am able to leave him at home with Jeremy.  The room can get crowded pretty quickly and Gavin can be a little impatient at times.  IMG_0915

This is Mikayla with her classmates singing some Thanksgiving songs.  Doesn’t her teacher look fun?  Well, she is! Smile


After their program, the children split up into groups and did some fall and Thanksgiving crafts.  We have some very creative and hardworking Room Moms.


Mikayla showing off some of her handiwork.

I’m so grateful that I am able to be at all of these school functions with my little ones – it definitely makes me a happy mommy!