Sunday, November 27, 2011

Happy Halloween!


We had a great Halloween this year!  This big kids were out of school, so we were just able to relax throughout the day and get ready to have our families over for some Trick-or-Treating fun.


My Halloween girls…Gavin was more interested in wearing a myriad of old costumes in preparation instead of his Halloween shirt for a picture. 


Yes, she IS the cutest pumpkin in the patch. : )


Spider Man and Spider Girl showing off some of their moves.


My little ladybug. : )


The little Trick-or-Treaters.  We went to so may houses this year.  Brooke fell asleep half way through and Gavin got tired  towards the end, so he went back to the house with Brooke and I.  Jeremy and Kayla finished up the street and then brought back their very impressive candy load. 

My parents, Jeremy’s parents, my youngest sister and her hubby and my sister in law came to our house for some baked potatoes and chili and to see the kids in their costumes.  It was a fun night spent with everyone. 


I also just wanted to share a pic of our pumpkins.  We carved the big one in the shape of a skeleton.  We used some Mr. Potato “Pumpkin”  Head kits that picked up.  These were great because the kids were able to easily decorate their own pumpkins.

Pumpkin Patch Fun

Shortly before  Halloween, we made our annual trip to Kinsey Family Farm to get our pumpkins and to go on a hay ride.  We look forward to this family outing every year.  The kids had a blast and Jeremy and I had a good time with them as well. 



We tried a couple of times to get that perfect fall picture of all three kids together.  As you can see, that was a bit of a challenge.   I need be better at getting Brooke to pay attention! ; ) 


We did get a pretty good pic of Brooke by herself.  This was on her four month birthday and since I forgot to post that day, I wanted to make sure to post a pic of her on that day. 

We picked out three pumpkins….can’t wait for you to see the carving results.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Gavin is four!


I can’t believe that this sweet baby….


…is FOUR!  He is such a sweet and animated little boy.  He is very set in his ways and it isn’t easy to change his mind when it is set.  However, he is also the sweetest, most loving little boy.  He gives lots of hugs and kisses and is always saying “I love you” for no reason at all.  I just love him so much.

His birthday fell on a Saturday this year, so we were able to have his birthday party on his actual birthday.  We held it at a local park and had SUCH a great time.  It was wonderful to just relax and spend time together.  The kids could run around and I didn’t have to clean my house, so it was the perfect party.


He got some great presents this year.  We are so fortunate to have so many people that love our little people.


My mom made the cupcakes and Gavin actually ate one with frosting  - this is a new thing for him.  (we weren’t sure, so you will notice that the top cupcake is unfrosted). 


Me and my sweet boy.


Brooke past out during the party – she was such a good girl and got tons of good Nana cuddles.


It was a wonderful day.  I really love spending time with our families and am so glad that we live close by them.  Such a blessing!

Preschool Pumpkin Patch

The church that Gavin goes to preschool at has a huge front lawn that they sell pumpkins from.   All of the classes have a “field trip” there each year.  They get to run through all of the pumpkins and then they get to take a little one home.  Brooke and I had a fun time joining in on the fun.


I can hardly believe how big this guy is!


Afterwards, they only had about 30 minutes of school left, so Brooke and I hung out in Gavin’s classroom.  Gavin really loved showing his “Baby Brooke” off.  His friends enjoyed looking at her, too.  Smile

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Cumming Fair Fun

The annual fall Cumming Fair is one of our favorite family events.  We all look forward to it each year.  This year we had such a great time together.  The kids rode lots of rides and we all ate way too much food (gotta love fair food!).


My three little sweeties.


When we first got there, they were having an alligator show.  The kids were really excited about this one!


Brooke spent most of the time doing her new found past time….sucking on her fingers.


The alligator tamer….the kids really enjoyed this show!


I think the most fun part of the evening for the kids was the face painting.  Mikayla was an LSU Tiger ( I swear Jeremy has brainwashed her!) and Gavin was Spiderman.  I might add that this was the beginning of Gavin’s recent obsession with all things Spiderman.


They also got to ride lots of rides together.  It was so fun to see them really enjoy spending time with each other.  Mikayla was really good about making sure Gavin was safe and was having fun.  She is a wonderful big sister!  

It was another fun family night at the fair – it never disappoints us.  I can’t wait for next year when Brooke can take part in the fun, too!