Monday, June 25, 2012

Birthday party fun!

Well, I know I have a lot of catching up to do, but I first wanting to share all of the birthday fun we had this weekend.  Miss Brooke will turn one this coming Wednesday and our family came together to celebrate her birthday this past weekend.  We had such a great time!  Brooke was wonderful and I think she really enjoyed herself.  I just can’t believe she is almost one!  I seriously fell like I just had her!

I had a lot of fun making decorations for this party.  The general them was lots of pink and green.  I made this birthday banner that we hung across our window.


I also made this birthday photo garland.  I have a picture from birth through each month of her life up there.  It was so fun to see just how much she has grown over the year. 


This is the yummy smash cake and cupcakes that my mom and sister, Emily helped make.  I made the cupcake picks (with the great design help from my other sister, Laura).  I was so pleased with how this turned out!


This is a view of the entire food table.  I was able to find some great pink and green dishes at Party City that I felt really helped to tie everything together. 


I made this ribbon trim for her highchair to make the cake smashing a little more festive.  I was so thrilled with how it looked!

DSCF4642I also made her birthday outfit.  I got a onesie and used heat n bond to iron a “1” on her shirt.  I made the tu-tu as well.  I was also able to find some little ruffle bum bloomers and a little bow that was small enough for her to forget about and leave in her hair for a decent amount of time.  ; )


We also rented a bouncy house which was a huge hit.  Our house is not huge and can quickly feel crowded.  This really helped to pull the kids (and big kids!) outside for a little fun. 


We even let the birthday girl have a little bouncy fun – she loved it and was not the slightest bit timid.  I love my laidback little girl. 

I’m pretty sure that Gavin and Mikayla bounced for nearly 8 hours straight.  They did take breaks, but they weren’t for very long.  They just loved it and Gavin has informed us that we need to buy one. : )


This was my nephew, Andrew’s first time in a bouncy house and he loved it!  It was so fun to watch!


Before we had some cake, we let the birthday girl open her presents.  She definitely got into the actual opening of the presents and was a big fan of the tissue paper and bows.


He brother and sister were also very big helpers. ; )


The birthday girl waiting oh-so-patiently for her birthday cake.


The smash cake!


Brooke loved being sung to.  She just kept looking around and everyone during the hole thing with a look on her face that seemed to say, “Is this all for me?”


Now, my other children needed a little encouragement to go diving in to the smash cake.  Not Brooke, she went right in and seemed to love every last minute of it (until it got in her eyes and nose!). 


We just had such a wonderful time celebrating this sweet girl’s birthday.  I’m just not quite ready for her to be one, though!

Here are some more pictures of the party for your enjoyment. : )



Tuesday, June 05, 2012

2 months!

I am just killing some time at work until I can leave in 10 minutes and have come to realize that I haven't posted here in 2 months! I'd like to say we were crazy busy, but my main problem is time management and priorities.  I want to make this a new priority.  My babies are growing every day and I want to remember the fun things they do and that we do together.