Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Mikayla and Gavin at our church's Trunk or Treat. Mikayla had a great time getting a jump start on the Halloween Festivities.
I got off work in time to make it to my parent's house to take the kids trick-or-treating. Mikayla was so wired after her fun party at school. We had a great night together.
Mikayla was a "doggy doctor"

Gavin was her doggy.

Daddy didn't get to spend the evening with us, because he had to work :-(. After trick-or-treating, I took the kids to Jeremy's office so he could see them all dressed up. I changed them into their Halloween jammies and we went home. The kids passed out in the car and had no problems staying asleep while being transferred their beds. Now I am off to raid the candy bucket!
Also, if you want to see a cute little pumpkin, check out my sister's blog. He is so darn cute! He looks exactly like my brother-in-law. Mikayla call Morgan, Uncle Mo-mo, so my mom and I have affectionately named Andrew, mini-Mo.

First Spaghetti

We took the plunge the other night and let Gavin have his first spaghetti dinner. It was a hit!

Georgia Aquarium

One thing that I love about living where we do is the easy access to so many great family activities. Atlanta is full of fun places to go. The day after Gavin's birthday, we decided to take the kids to the aquarium. Gavin hadn't been yet so we figured it would be alot of fun.

The highlight of the aquarium is the big tank that houses our whale sharks. When you enter into the exhibit, you go through a glass tube in which you are surrounded by water. The fish surround you and you feel like you are down there with them. Gavin and Mikayla just kept looking up at all of the sealife.

This is one of the whale sharks. Ours are still pretty young and aren't nearly as big as they can get to be. It will be neat to watch them grow over the coming years.
Mikayla was so good with Gavin and took alot of care in trying to show him everything.

When you leave the glass tube, you enter an area with a huge viewing window that is the size of a large movie theater screen. This is one of my favorite parts of the aquarium. The have seating in there and you can just sit back and watch your kids just stare in awe at the marine life. It is a very relaxing place.
I always love the way that pictures turn out at this exhibit. All that you see is the blue water and the red jelly fish. Mikayla has always liked looking at these.
Another highlight of the aquarium, is the Beluga Whale exhibit. We have three beluga whales right now. We used to have five, but two have died. Most of the whales were rescued from an amusement park in Mexico and came to the aquarium with some pretty significant health problems. The are the neatest things to watch swim around. They were explaining that they can't have anything else in the tank with them, because they pretty much eat anything they see.
This is "Deepo," the mascot of the aquarium. This is the first time we have ever been able to "meet" the big Deepo. Mikayla was pretty excited.
The Georgia Aquarium is a wonderful place to go. There are some great exhibits and lots of activities for the kids to do. I highly reccomend adding this to your list of places to visit if you are ever in the area.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Look what Kayla did!

Mikayla has always enjoyed playing with puzzles, but she has always had a difficult time with the jigsaw variety. She is easily frustrated and very impatient. She usually starts out great and then when she isn't able to do it quickly she loses interest. Well, the other day I walk in to the living room and saw this. She was so proud of her self - I was very proud of her, too! She is getting so big!

Gavin Walking!!!

My little guy is becoming mobile!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Gavin's Birthday Festivities

To celebrate Gavin's birthday, we had a little celebration with just the four of us. It was kind of nice to have the quiet time with each other. I still can't believe my baby is one!

Mikayla "helped" Gavin open all of his presents. That pretty much consisted of her opening all of them by herself, because as she stated, "He doesn't know how."

Gavin really enjoyed playing with this toy. It pops balls all over the room. Maybe it will further encourage the walking!

I made some cupcakes instead of a full blown cake. We are having a larger family party in a couple of weeks so I wanted to save the big cake for that day.

Gavin was a little tentative at first. I have to say that he enjoyed the cake portion more than the icing. I guess it was a little sweet for him.

Happy Birthday, my sweet little boy!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My baby is ONE!

One year ago today, my sweet little boy was born. He is a sweet and cuddly little boy and he has brought so much joy to our family's life. I can't believe a whole year has gone by already. I wish I could just slow time down and enjoy this stage of our life for a little bit longer.

This is Gavin when he was about three hours old.

This is my sweet boy today. I can't believe how big he has gotten!!
Isn't he precious???

Friday, October 17, 2008

Go Cougs!

My sister sent me this pic of my new nephew, Andrew. Isn't he cute!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

He is here!!!

Andrew McKay Stinson
October 13th, 2008
11:56 pm
8lbs 8 oz
20 1/4 inches long
I haven't talked to my sister yet, but I am so excited for her and Morgan. This is a picture my mom sent me from her cell phone. I can't wait to talk to them today and get more information on how the delivery went.
I have a nephew!!
Check out my sister's blog for more pictures.

Monday, October 13, 2008

He is almost here!

Well, hopefully by the end of the day, I will be an aunt!

My little sister, Emily is at the hospital, "waiting" for him to arrive. She went to the doctor this morning and they determined that her amniotic fluid was leaking. They sent her over to the hospital to start some antibiotics and to induce her labor. I am hoping she has an easy and smooth labor. She was already dilated at her last visit, so I am hoping that means it won't be long and drawn out.

I wish I could be there with her... I am so excited for her!

Preschool Petting Zoo

Mikayla's preschool hosted a little petting zoo this morning. Mikayla was so excited that I got to visit her at school. I enjoyed watching her and her friends play with the animals.

Mikayla's class.
Mikayla being gentle with the duck.
Mikayla kept trying to pick up this poor birds.
Mikayla trying to feed the duck a dried leaf.
Mikayla petting the tortoise.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Today, I got to go to my best friend, Hilary's baby shower. She is due to have a little boy the beginning of December. I cannot explain how happy I am for her. Hilary and I have been friends since we were 13. It isn't often if life that we are fortunate to find friends like that. We are actually "astro twins", you know. We share the same birthday - I remember some great celebrations when we were in high school. Anyway, I am so happy for Hilary and her husband Adam. I love Hilary so much and I have wanted so badly for her to know the absolute joy that motherhood brings. I can't wait to meet little Bryson - I am sure him and Gavin will be lifelong buddies just like their mommies.

Pumpkin Patch Playdate

Mikayla and I went to the pumpkin patch the other day and met up with some of her playgroup friends. The kids had a great day!

We went on a hayride together. The kids enjoyed riding together and throwing hay on each other. I am thankful that we were the only group in our little car.
They had a little pond that we stopped at in the middle of the hayride. The kids threw fish food in the water and fed the huge catfish.

Mikayla even got to shoot an apple out of an "apple cannon." This is not what I picture my little girl doing.

After the playdate, Mikayla and I went back to my friend Amy's house. Matthew is one of her best friends and they just love playing together. Amy's dog just had 12 puppies. They are five weeks old now and Mikayla has been asking to see them. Mikayla had fun holding them. They are absolutely adorable. If we didn't have a 100 pound dog at home, I would totally try to take one home. I just had to remind myself that they aren't puppies forever.

I'm singing in the rain!

Mikayla came to me the other day, all dressed with her raincoat on. It was raining outside and she desperately wanted to go outside in play. This is not usually something I am in to, but I conceded. It is sometimes impossible to say no to that sweet little face. I didn't even mind cleaning up all of the mud in our kitchen after the fun time she had.

Small Town Country Fair

We live in a great little town. They have so many fun family activities. Once a year they throw an old-fashioned country fair, complete with funnel cakes, candy corn, cotton candy, rides, shows, and games.

See the pure excitement on her face! I just love watching her.
This was Mikayla's first ride. We were the mean parents that asked them to put her on the one that didn't go up. First of all, I was a little nervous about it and secondly, I was afraid she would get scared and want down. I should have known my little daredevil a little better. She had fun regardless, but she did ask a couple of times why hers didn't go up.

Mikayla won this dolphin do a little fishing game. There was no way to lose, but she thought she was the big winner. It was so cute to watch her! She was very proud of herself.
We told Mikayla she probobly shouldn't take her newly won toy on the rides, because she could risk losing it. This is her holding him real tight so that he wouldn't fall. She is very practical.
Gavin also had a great time. He just sat in the stroller and loved watching all of the people and flashing lights. We could not have asked for a better little boy. He is such a laid back and content little guy.
What says country fair other than a good ole' corn dog!
Mikayla playing yet another game to win a new "friend." In all she won three friends - they were all blue. It is her favorite color, of course.

Nature Walk

Mikayla goes to a great preschool. She started there last year and has had learned so much. She has fun and they do some great activities that the parents can join in on. Last Monday, they had a nature walk to celebrate the beginning of autumn. She goes to a church-based school and they have this great outdoor chapel. It is set back in the woods and is so peaceful - at least until you throw 50 3 year olds into it! They had someone read a little story about fall to them and then they sang a song about all of the different colors of fall. After the story time, the kids walked around the area and picked up nature's "treasures" to take home. Mikayla had so much fun. Gavin and I had a great time, too.

Mikayla singing with her class...notice she is surrounded by boys.
My sweet little girl and her cheesy smile. I'll be so glad when she stops doing that. Do you like her 'noculars as Mikayla would call them.