Monday, October 13, 2008

Preschool Petting Zoo

Mikayla's preschool hosted a little petting zoo this morning. Mikayla was so excited that I got to visit her at school. I enjoyed watching her and her friends play with the animals.

Mikayla's class.
Mikayla being gentle with the duck.
Mikayla kept trying to pick up this poor birds.
Mikayla trying to feed the duck a dried leaf.
Mikayla petting the tortoise.


Jenny said...

Looks like fun! They have quite a variety at that petting zoo. It looks like she just adores the animals - what a cute look on her face!

Laura Miller said...

This is so cute!! I can't believe how good all of those animals are- it looks like Mikayla had tons of fun! (I really like the pic of her petting the tortoise :).