Saturday, October 11, 2008

Nature Walk

Mikayla goes to a great preschool. She started there last year and has had learned so much. She has fun and they do some great activities that the parents can join in on. Last Monday, they had a nature walk to celebrate the beginning of autumn. She goes to a church-based school and they have this great outdoor chapel. It is set back in the woods and is so peaceful - at least until you throw 50 3 year olds into it! They had someone read a little story about fall to them and then they sang a song about all of the different colors of fall. After the story time, the kids walked around the area and picked up nature's "treasures" to take home. Mikayla had so much fun. Gavin and I had a great time, too.

Mikayla singing with her class...notice she is surrounded by boys.
My sweet little girl and her cheesy smile. I'll be so glad when she stops doing that. Do you like her 'noculars as Mikayla would call them.