Saturday, October 11, 2008

Pumpkin Patch Playdate

Mikayla and I went to the pumpkin patch the other day and met up with some of her playgroup friends. The kids had a great day!

We went on a hayride together. The kids enjoyed riding together and throwing hay on each other. I am thankful that we were the only group in our little car.
They had a little pond that we stopped at in the middle of the hayride. The kids threw fish food in the water and fed the huge catfish.

Mikayla even got to shoot an apple out of an "apple cannon." This is not what I picture my little girl doing.

After the playdate, Mikayla and I went back to my friend Amy's house. Matthew is one of her best friends and they just love playing together. Amy's dog just had 12 puppies. They are five weeks old now and Mikayla has been asking to see them. Mikayla had fun holding them. They are absolutely adorable. If we didn't have a 100 pound dog at home, I would totally try to take one home. I just had to remind myself that they aren't puppies forever.


Jenny said...

Wow, so many fun things! That apple cannon is pretty cool - what did Mikayla think?

Rachel said...

She thought it was fun. I was worried whe would be frightened, but she had no problem keeping up with the boys.