Saturday, October 11, 2008

Small Town Country Fair

We live in a great little town. They have so many fun family activities. Once a year they throw an old-fashioned country fair, complete with funnel cakes, candy corn, cotton candy, rides, shows, and games.

See the pure excitement on her face! I just love watching her.
This was Mikayla's first ride. We were the mean parents that asked them to put her on the one that didn't go up. First of all, I was a little nervous about it and secondly, I was afraid she would get scared and want down. I should have known my little daredevil a little better. She had fun regardless, but she did ask a couple of times why hers didn't go up.

Mikayla won this dolphin do a little fishing game. There was no way to lose, but she thought she was the big winner. It was so cute to watch her! She was very proud of herself.
We told Mikayla she probobly shouldn't take her newly won toy on the rides, because she could risk losing it. This is her holding him real tight so that he wouldn't fall. She is very practical.
Gavin also had a great time. He just sat in the stroller and loved watching all of the people and flashing lights. We could not have asked for a better little boy. He is such a laid back and content little guy.
What says country fair other than a good ole' corn dog!
Mikayla playing yet another game to win a new "friend." In all she won three friends - they were all blue. It is her favorite color, of course.