Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Gavin's Birthday Festivities

To celebrate Gavin's birthday, we had a little celebration with just the four of us. It was kind of nice to have the quiet time with each other. I still can't believe my baby is one!

Mikayla "helped" Gavin open all of his presents. That pretty much consisted of her opening all of them by herself, because as she stated, "He doesn't know how."

Gavin really enjoyed playing with this toy. It pops balls all over the room. Maybe it will further encourage the walking!

I made some cupcakes instead of a full blown cake. We are having a larger family party in a couple of weeks so I wanted to save the big cake for that day.

Gavin was a little tentative at first. I have to say that he enjoyed the cake portion more than the icing. I guess it was a little sweet for him.

Happy Birthday, my sweet little boy!


kathymatthews927 said...

Loved the cupcakes! What a "sweet" idea........looks like he takes his love of sweets from Jeremy. Glad he has big sis Mikayla to help him.

Laura Miller said...

Gavin is too cute for words! I'm so happy he had a great birthday :)

Jenny said...

Cute cupcakes. Looks like a fun day!