Monday, October 03, 2011

Conference Weekend

This weekend our church had their Semi-Annual General Conference.  I LOVE general conference.  Not only do you get to hear our wonderful church leaders speak, you also get a little relaxation time with the family.  My little family was out of town, though.  Jeremy was super brave and took Gavin and Mikayla to Louisiana to visit his Uncle Buddy.  As much as I missed them, I will admit that it was really nice to have some alone time with Brooke and to actually be able to listen to conference. 

On Saturday, Brooke and I watched conference while I sorted through the ever growing collection of toys.  I ended with two bags of stuffed animals for Goodwill and three baskets of toys for the consignment store.

On Sunday, Brooke and I drove to Ellijay to watch conference at my grandparents mountain house.  Aside from the fact that I got horribly lost on the way there (Google Maps was NOT my friend), I had a wonderful time.  I hadn’t been there in years and I forgot how beautiful and peaceful it is there. 

While there, my sister Laura took some pictures of Brooke and I.  My husband doesn’t take pictures unless I ask him to, so I was happy to have some picture of the two of us.

I just love how Laura can take something as “ordinary” as holding my baby and make it look so beautiful.


She also captured some absolutely priceless pictures of Brooke and my Grandma.  I love the joy that my grandma has when she holds Brooke.  I feel so fortunate that my children are able to know her and spend time with her.


Sunday, October 02, 2011

Day at the Park

We decided to enjoy the gorgeous fall weather and take the kids to the park the other day before I had to go to work.  There is a great park near us that has a little playground and a nice walking path that goes over a covered bridge and down to a stream.  The kids loved it!  I love spending time with all of these little people.