Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Thirtieth Birthday

I have to admit, I really have not been looking forward to turning thirty.  It sounds so different to be in your twenties than in your thirties.  By the time you are in your thirties, you are expected to be a responisble and dependable adult.  There is no more goofing off and living  carefree life.  No my husband reminds me that with two children, we have pretty much been living this life for the past five years.  I know that, but it just sounds different.IMG_3185

So, the day started off pretty normal.   Jeremy had to be at work early this morning, so I had to get up with the kids just like every day.  I decided to treat myself with some cinnamon rolls (of the Pillsbury variety).  The are yummy, but very easy to make. :)  Mikayla insisted that I eat on “her” special birthday plate.    We started the tradition of the “Special Red Plate” on her birthday last year, so I guess I can sort of see her point. 

IMG_3187 - edited

When I was washing the plate after breakfast (yes, normal mundane things done here today), I noticed that the plate tradition was started in 1979, the year I was born.  I thought that was kind of neat.


Well, after Mikayla let me take a birthday nap this afternoon, we met my family at Longhorn’s Steakhouse for a very yummy birthday dinner.  The waitress was nice and brought some ice cream for me afterwards, but didn’t do the horribly embarassing sing-a-long.  I was very happy to have escaped that!

IMG_3191 Do you like the Over the Hill balloon?

CIMG0284    Every year, my Mom makes my wedding cake for my birthday.  When Jeremy and I were married, a friend of my mom’s who was a pastry chef before she had children, made our cake.  She gave my mom the recipe for the cake and frosting.  That was my absolute favorite cake, so I always request it for my birthday. 

So, all in all, I had a nice birthday.  It was pretty relaxing and spent with my wonderful family.  That always makes for a great birthday.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Happy Birthday, Astro Twin!

IMG_3167 - edited Hilary and I have been friends since we were thirteen years old.  A cool “fact” about our friendship is that we share the same birthday.  We had some very exciting birthday adventures when we were in high school.

Last Saturday night, Hilary’s family threw her a fabulous 30th birthday bash.  That’s right we are thirty now.  It was a great night and I am really glad that I was able to be there and that we were able to spend some time together.   I had a wonderful time.

Happy Birthday, Astro Twin!  Here’s to many more birthdays together!

My sweet baby sister

Okay, you have to check out the sweet post my youngest sister put on her blog. I love you, Lollie!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Too cute!

Jeremy and I both worked this evening, so the kids went to my parent's house. My sister, brother-in-law and nephew are staying there until they move into their townhouse in Athens at the end of this week.

Apparently, the cousins had their first bath together. My sister took some cute pics and posted them on her blog. I love it!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fourth of July

I can’t believe what a blogging slacker I am.  Actually, I can believe it, but I don’t really want to. :)

We had a great Fourth of July weekend.   On the third we had a great dinner at my in-laws house.  We always have such a nice time there and eat lots of yummy food!  After dinner we headed over to the Cumming Fairgrounds to watch the fireworks.  It’s nice to live in a city that does the fireworks on the third.  It makes it so that we can stretch out the celebration for a couple days which is always fun.IMG_3059

I liked this picture of Gavin.  The sun highlights his pretty blue eyes.IMG_3063

Doesn’t this show the true fun-loving personality of my little girl.  She loves to laugh!IMG_3056

Mikayla sat in a little lawn chair that had Dora the Explorer on the back of it.  Gavin has recently found a new “love” for Dora and Diego cartoons.  He kept looking at the back of the chair as if to be watching the cartoon.  It was pretty cute.IMG_3084

My favorite boys.IMG_3093

Gavin did great with the fireworks.  I was pretty sure he would do okay, but you never know with toddlers.  He just sat in Jeremy’s lap and watched the show.

On Saturday, Jeremy had to work during the day, so the kids and I headed down to my parents house.  Their neighborhood hosted a Fourth of July parade for the kids.  The kids gathered together and we decorated the various modes of transportation with festive decorations.  Then, we marched around the neighborhood for people that had sat chairs out in their driveways to watch the kids roll by.  This was the first year they had done this and it was pretty fun.  My only complaint was that it started at 4pm in almost 90 degree heat.  It was a little warm to be pulling a wagon with two children in it around!IMG_3098

Gavin was well decorated for the parade, too!


The kids had a lot of fun.


I had to take a picture of the table that my mom set.  She is always so festive and has everything decorated perfectly for whatever holiday we are celebrating.IMG_3108

We also had these “Jello Parfaits.”  These were a big hit with Mikayla.

After dinner, we headed down to the park near my parent’s house to watch their firework display.  I have only missed Alpharetta’s firework display once that I can remember.   I like that I can carry on the tradition with my children.IMG_3109 IMG_3113 My Fourth of July cuties!IMG_3117-edited           Our Fourth of July family pic.  We had a great time together.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

My cute little boy.


This is my sweet little boy.  He is growing into such a fun and loving little guy.  I seriously can’t get enough of him.  This is a picture of his long curls.  I cut his hair a couple of days ago, because I was really worried that people were going to start thinking he was a girl.   But don’t worry, it was just a long trim and he still has his cute curls.  :)

Okay, in the first video, you have a glimpse of what Gavin does every time a camera is put in front of him.   He immediately smiles and proudly says, “Cheese!”   I have trained him well.  :)

In the second video, Jeremy is feeding Gavin some yogurt.  Jeremy is doing airplane noises and swirling the spoon around to make Gavin laugh and giggle.  Gavin is having so much fun with this game, he keeps swirling his own arm around to let Jeremy know that he wants him to do it again.  He may not say many words, but he definitely knows how to get his point across.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

She’s a big girl!

I wrote this post on Friday, but couldn't get it to post for some reason.

This is a picture-less post. I really need to remember to take my camera down to the pool. Today, we discovered that Mikayla can touch the bottom of the shallow end of the pool while her head is still above water. She is growing way too fast!

Also, Mikayla can swim!! After realizing that she could touch the bottom of the pool, she became a little more brave and decided to practice swimming. I could hardly believe that my little girl was swimming all by herself! The is one problem with her swimming though. She hasn’t quite figured out how to breathe and swim at the same time. She swims with her head under the water, and she can’t seem to coordinate bringing her head up to breathe and continuing swimming. Oh well, we are definitely headed in the right direction.