Sunday, July 05, 2009

She’s a big girl!

I wrote this post on Friday, but couldn't get it to post for some reason.

This is a picture-less post. I really need to remember to take my camera down to the pool. Today, we discovered that Mikayla can touch the bottom of the shallow end of the pool while her head is still above water. She is growing way too fast!

Also, Mikayla can swim!! After realizing that she could touch the bottom of the pool, she became a little more brave and decided to practice swimming. I could hardly believe that my little girl was swimming all by herself! The is one problem with her swimming though. She hasn’t quite figured out how to breathe and swim at the same time. She swims with her head under the water, and she can’t seem to coordinate bringing her head up to breathe and continuing swimming. Oh well, we are definitely headed in the right direction.