Thursday, October 07, 2010

Big Girl Occasion!

Mikayla has been talking about getting her ears pierced for a little bit, but it has just basically been in passing.  I told her that whenever she felt ready I would be happy to take her.  Well this past Sunday, she decided that she wanted to have them pierced.  I explained to her in GREAT detail how she would get her ears pierced.  I also told her that she would have to let me clean her ears and turn her earrings several times a day for a very long time (6 weeks is a very long time for a 5 year old!).  She was still set on getting her ears pierced so after school on Monday we headed to the mall. 

I was SO IMPRESSED with how wonderful  she did.  She never wavered in her decision.  She picked out some cute little multicolored floral studs.  When they pierced the first ear, she did get a little teary (understandably), but she never yelled or fussed.  She was a little apprehensive about getting the second year pierced, but she held on tight to me and we got it done.  I think I may have been a little more emotional about it than her (at least on the inside).  I was just sitting there holding her with amazement in how fast she was growing up.


My big girl with freshly pierced ears!Untitled(6)  When we got home Gavin wanted earrings too. :)  Thankfully the single Mrs. Potato Head Earring that made him look like a pirate was enough!


Lisa said...

LOL! Arr, Gavin!

Lisa said...

and OMG, I read the rest now. I can't believe they did her ears one at a time. Natalie's were at the same time and I feel pretty certain we would have only gotten one done if they'd been separate. I'm so glad she did so well!

Tom said...

Their PaPa enjoyed seeing them have so much fun. Thank you so much for keeping this journal.