Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fair time!

This has become a fun family tradition for us.  Every year, Jeremy and I look forward to taking our children to the Cumming Country Fair.  It is such a fun event and we love watching our little ones have a great time.  IMG_0711 There was a robot that greet the fair patrons near the front gates.  Mikayla was super excited to meet a “real” robot. :)

IMG_0715 This year, Mikayla decided that she wanted to ride the ferris wheel.  Jeremy is not a huge fan of heights, but I am love the thrill of going high, so I was super excited to go on it with Mikayla.  This is a picture of her just as we got into the cart right before we went up.  Isn’t she the picture of nervous excitement??IMG_0716 This is a picture looking down as we start to go up.  We were the first to get loaded on the wheel, so we got to take a slow trip all around as they loaded it up.  IMG_0718

This is our view from the top.  We were so high!  I have to admit that I was a little nervous as we were going up.  I started second guessing my decision about thinking it was a good idea to bring my wiggly five year old onto a ride with no seatbelts (there was a safety bar.  Thankfully, she understood how important it was to be still and to sit back.  IMG_0719 A picture of us as we went around and around!  I was so proud of her.  I could see that she was a little nervous as we went around the first time, but after that she just had fun and enjoyed the view.  I will never forget this “first” for her. :)IMG_0720 This was the first year that Gavin could really ride most of the “little kid” rides.  They decided to tackle this little roller coaster first.  IMG_0723 As you can see, they both loved it!

IMG_0729 IMG_0731 IMG_0735 IMG_0741 They really had a great time riding everything together.  Mikayla was so kind and let him pick where they sat.  She is such a thoughtful sister. IMG_0747 IMG_0753

They also had a petting zoo there.  It was filled with mini kangaroos (aka joeys), a llama, a zebra, tortoises, birds and several other animals.  Mikayla also had the opportunity to feed a camel and many goats.  Gavin wasn’t too keen on the idea of letting them eat out of his hand.  He did throw food at them, though. :) IMG_0756 This was a little obstacle course that the kids did together.  Last year, Mikayla froze on this bridge and had to be guided off by one of the workers.  Well, this year, she was still pretty timid and got a little frustrated when other kids made the bridge move, but she did finish it all by herself.  She was apparantly a little slow, though.  When given the chance, Gavin pushed right by her and ran ahead.  That boy has no fear!IMG_0759 IMG_0761 The final ride of the night was the merry go round.  They both loved it and loved that Jeremy and I could go on it with them. 

We had such a great night together…I can’t wait for next year!