Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fun Run!

Mikayla’s elementary school holds  a fundraiser “Fun Run” each year.  Family and friends can donate flat donations or pledge money per lap for her to run.  The parents come cheer them along.  It was really a fun little event!2010-10-15 08.55.32 This is Mikayla right before the big run.  She was so excited!


She was also happy to have Gavin and I there to cheer her along.  They had some dancing and cheering beforehand – they had a great time doing that together.IMG_0768 Mikayla the runner!  She did great! IMG_0771

Gavin entertained himself by playing with his shadow. :)IMG_0773

30 laps!!!  I was so proud of her.IMG_0775

One of her teachers, Mrs. Warren, took our picture.  I was happy to be able to be there for Mikayla’s first big event at her school (even if it was preceded by a night of work and 3 1/2 hours of sleep). 


MaryBeth said...

So cute and what a great idea! I would much rather donate money to this than buy wrapping paper :)