Friday, August 14, 2009

Hilton Head Day 3

I have fallen a little behind in keeping everyone updated with our vacation.  The past two nights while attempting to get the kids to fall asleep, I have fallen asleep myself, thus not having anytime to blog about our adventures.

These are pictures from Wednesday.  We got up a little earlier and headed down to the beach.   My kids just love going – they have so much fun playing in the surf and building (er…crashing) things in the sand. IMG_3317IMG_3322  IMG_3320  Mikayla and I built a “sandcastle” together, complete with a moat around it.  During the construction of said castle, Gavin treated me to my very own sand back exfoliation.  I even got a foot treatment later in the day, too! :)IMG_3328

This is a picture of Mikayla after she rolled around in the wet sand.  She thought it was very funny.  She is such a silly girl!

IMG_3323  Mikayla loved sitting at the edge of the water and letting the waves come over her.  IMG_3332

Jeremy took Gavin down to the water and let him feel the water come over his legs.  IMG_3341

After that, Gavin was hooked!  He ran back and forth between the edge of the water and us for quite sometime.  He has really enjoyed himself.

It started raining Wednesday evening.  It was so windy that a large branch came down over the  road that leads out of the hotel.  Thankfully, there was another route and we headed out to eat at a great barbecue place called One Hot Mama’s.  It was VERY good!