Friday, August 14, 2009

Hilton Head Day 4

We were really concerned that yesterday was going to be a complete washout.  It was forecasted that it was going to rain all day.  When we woke up, it was a little overcast but after breakfast it started to clear out, so we hurried back to the room and got ready to head to the beach.  

Do to a little sunscreen mishap with Gavin (and his poor eyes),  Mikayla and I headed down to the pool first while Jeremy bathed Gavin and got him calmed down.   Gavin joined us shortly thereafter and played in the kiddie pool with Mikayla for a little bit. 

IMG_3354 IMG_3356

After we were sure that Gavin was good, we headed down for the beach before the afternoon rain set in.  We had a great day.  It was a little overcast which helped to cut down on the heat.  We didn’t even have to set up our umbrella.  The kids had a lot of fun and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Here are some various pictures of the kids and their day.

IMG_3358 IMG_3360 IMG_3362

Mikayla was not a big fan of the salt water in her eyes, so she could often be seen wearing her goggles in the ocean to protect her baby blues from that stingy salt water.

IMG_3365 IMG_3367IMG_3366IMG_3368 IMG_3370  IMG_3376  IMG_3381 Jeremy dug a large hole to collect some sand for a castle he attempted to build (Gavin wrecked it).  Mikayla sat in the hole and we covered the bottom half of her up with sand.  She thought that was pretty funny.IMG_3385  Gavin, then proceeded to sit on Mikayla’s lap and play in the sand right on top of her.  It was pretty cute!IMG_3388 IMG_3390 IMG_3395IMG_3377

Isn’t that the cutest footprint of a sweet little boy that you have ever seen!


You could tell that there was a forecast of rain for the next couple days.  This was by far the most crowded that we have seen the beach since we have been here. 

It seems like it is more than likely going to rain for the remainder of our trip.  :(  Even with the early rain out, though, we have had a WONDERFUL trip.  We have had so much fun with the kids and have made some wonderful memories. 


Marissa said...

Great pictures! I love that you guys spend so much time as a family. You sure are building great memories.