Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Fun Day

We have had a great day today.  My sister, Laura is visiting from Provo for the next two weeks.  We love spending time with her!  Today we had a very jam-packed and fun filled day.

First, we went to the Riverside Splash Park in Roswell.  It is a brand new park and the kids had a blast!   We will definitely be visiting this place again.  Another bonus…it’s free! :)IMG_3426IMG_3478IMG_3456 IMG_3436

After the splash park, we went back to my mom’s to eat lunch and put Gavin down for a nap.  Since we were still in our swimsuits, we decided to go over to my grandparents swimming pool and let Mikayla enjoy some more water time.

She has become such a great swimmer over the summer.  She can swim “without floaties” for longer and longer periods of time.  She is also jumping of the side of the pool and swimming back to the edge with ease.  I can’t believe she is old enough to be swimming by herself!

IMG_3486 IMG_3494   IMG_3497

After swimming, we returned to my parent’s and watched my brother Dan make some very yummy pizza’s for us.  He occasionally works in the kitchen at Mellow Mushroom, so he can make some great ones.  IMG_3505

I loved watching him flip the pizza dough into the air.  I could never do that!


Mikayla had a lot of fun helping Uncle Dan put toppings on the pizzas.  They had a great time together


     Well, poor little Mikayla had a very full day.  To top it off she broke out in some unexplained rash in which I had to give her some Benadryl.  As you can see the combo of a busy day and the drugs was a little much for her.  She barely made it through dinner.  She did pick up a  little second wind after dinner, but she passed out in the car on the way home.

I love family days like this.  The only thing that would have made it better would have been to have my sweet husband there and my other sister Emily!  We missed you!


Lisa said...

What a great park. It's a shame we're back in school now and probably won't make it until next year.