Thursday, September 03, 2009

Gavin’s New Favorite Toys

Over the past several weeks, Gavin has developed a liking for Mikayla’s old Dora the Explorer backpack.  When you press on the mouth it sings a variety of Dora songs – he loves it.   We took it with us on vacation, he wanted to take it everywhere and never let it go.

IMG_3398  This is Gavin sleeping in the car when we were coming back from our vacation to Hilton Head.  He slept for nearly two hours holding that backpack.

IMG_3401 Well, Jeremy wasn’t wild about the idea of his son carrying around a purple backpack everywhere, so he asked me to keep an eye out for Diego’s Rescue Pack.  I found one last week and we had one excited little boy.  He loves listening to the Rescue Pack song and carrying around his new toy.

IMG_3561 There has been one snag in this grand plan though.  He loves both of them.  He carries these things around the house ALL DAY.  It is a small battle to take them away for meals, naps, bath time, bedtime, etc..  Did I also mention that these sing?  I can’t tell you how many times I have listened to the “Backpack, backpack….” and “Rescue Pack!  Coming to the Rescue…”.  They are also fairly bulky hard plastic toys.  I keep getting hit in the arms and legs when he crawls into my lap.IMG_3563 But, who could take those toys away from this sweet little boy.  Not me!


kathymatthews927 said...

I saw 1st hand last weekend how attached he is to the rescue pack! It is cute..........just keep thinking " this too shall pass ". Then we'll miss this stage!

Laura (and Chris) Miller said...

I think Kathy is right- he's too darn cute!