Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Wonderful Celebration

Happy Couple

  On September 24th, 1949 these Gerald and Betty Scott were married.DSC_0046 I think they look as happy today, sixty years later, as they were on that first day.  The one thing that I have always loved about my grandparents is their obvious love and adoration for each other.  They still hold hands, hug and kiss each other.  They are the perfect example as to what a marriage should be.  I am thankful for that example.DSC_0017

They started a wonderful legacy that will have an eternal impact on our lives.  IMG_3675IMG_3684

We had a wonderful catered dinner together at my grandparent’s clubhouse.  It was so nice to sit down with everyone and celebrate my grandparent’s marriage.  My favorite part of the evening was watching the wonderful video that my cousin, Michelle put together.  It was 20 minutes of photographs that spanned the time of my grandparent’s marriage.  It was fun seeing them as newlyweds and seeing pictures from our own childhoods. IMG_3692

I also had to throw in a picture of my two wild kiddos.  Actually, they were exceptionally good throughout the night.  This is just an exhibit of what happens when a little boy has not had a nap and it is about an hour past both of their bedtimes.  My children do not wind down as they get tired – they get wild!