Friday, August 14, 2009

Thunderstorms and Babies

This morning, I was awakened around 6am by a horrendous thunderstorm here in Hilton Head.  I didn't want to wake anyone else up so I headed over to the computer and started fiddling around on the internet.  Gavin was sleeping with Jeremy and I all of sudden saw a little head pop up and say “Hi!”  I went over and got him so that he wouldn’t wake anyone up.

I got a blanket and we cuddled together at the desk while I looked around on the internet some.   He just talked and talked to me for almost and hour until Mikayla woke up.  Of course, I couldn’t understand much of what he said, but I just loved listening to his sweet little jibber-jabber.   I am anxious to understand him, but I will really miss is little language.  I really enjoyed getting to cuddle with my little boy in the dark with the thunderstorm in the back ground.  It was a great start to my day.