Saturday, May 24, 2008

New sandbox

Well, if you remember from an earlier post, Mikayla has been using her sand toys to dig in the dirt. There is a very long list that encompass the reasons that I do not wish for this trend to continue. Jeremy and I had been talking about getting her a sandbox, and today we finally got one. Mikayla was so excited and inhaled her lunch so that she could go out and play in her new toy. She got to play for about 45 minutes before it started raining. She wasn't to happy about having to leave her new toy. We did find out that the cover does a great job. After her nap, she couldn't get her shoes on fast enough to go back out. I have a feeling this will be frequent visitors of the sandbox this summer.

Mikayla burying Daddy's feet.
Gavin liked being on the ground. However, he started pulling out the grass and trying to put it in his mouth, so we had to move his Bumbo into a chair.


Katie said...

Rachel Cute blog thanks for sharing it on MYFAM. I have to ask you how many points your rice cake marshmallow treat is? It looks yummy. You look fabulous.

Lizzy said...

Not at all related to your sandbox (which is super cute BTW) but I wanted to tell you I am eating your rice cake thing right now as I type :) It saved me from eating a pan of brownies today!!