Thursday, May 15, 2008

Last day of School

Well, I started this blog on Mikayla's first day of preschool. Today was her last day of preschool. She has grown and changed so much over this year. She had two fantastic teachers and made lots of new friends. I know she will miss it this summer (as will Mommy ;-) !).

Gavin waiting patiently for her recognition program to start....
Mikayla getting her "diploma" (a rolled up piece of paper that said "we'll miss you")
Gavin was a big hit with the kids during the little party they had afterwards.
Mikayla's boyfriend, Kell. They were such good buddies and we hope to get together with him some this summer.
Mikayla with her teachers, Mrs. Heather and Mrs. Kila. Mikayla is actually happy... that is her "smile" when you ask her to smile. So cheesy!


tiempolibre said...

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Kate said...

Syd is sad that school is out for the summer too...she keeps saying I'm boring. oh well! The pool won't be boring! ")

Lizzy said...

Too cute -- I love her cheesy smile :) It makes me laugh!

Good luck this summer!