Friday, May 08, 2009

Mother’s Tea

Today, Mikayla’s Preschool hosted a tea for the children and their moms.  We had a lovely brunch in Mikayla’s classroom with all of her friends and their mother’s.  We were also given some very nice gifts that the kids made.  Mikayla has been so excited about this day.  She has been asking everyday before school for about two weeks if today is the Mother’s lunch.   She was very excited when she saw me at school this morning.  IMG_2887 Me and my sweet girl.

IMG_2888 Mikayla painted this picture for me.

IMG_2889 This was a little paragraph of things that Mikayla thought about me.  My favorite was “I love my mommy because I’m special.” No lack of self esteem there!

IMG_2890 This is a butterfly necklace that she made me.


This is a plate that Mikayla made for me.  The grass is made with her fingers and the flowers and bugs are made with her fingerprints.  I can’t wait to get a stand for it so I can display it.


JAMIE said...

I love the ages where they are proud when their mom comes to school. It's so special!

I love the plate! Great idea!

Laura (and Chris) Miller said...

She's such a sweet little girl :)

kathymatthews927 said...

She is such a special little girl. I know that is a memory you'll visit often.

Lisa said...

"she likes to read my books."

Happy Mother's Day!