Saturday, July 26, 2008

Children's Discovery Museum

After the Aquarium on Friday, it was raining pretty heavily, so we decided to go to the Children's Discovery Museum. It is basically a big place for kids to learn things in a play environment. We had so much fun their and the kids really liked being able to get out and have fun. I wish we lived closer, because this place would be some place I would frequent.
In this area, Mikayla got to be a paleontologist and look for dinosaur bones. She loved having the opportunity to play in the sand. They had a whole area of musical instruments. This was in the "wind instrument room" Pressing on the black bellows, made music come out of the pipes, similar to a pipe organ.
Mikayla loved this. You could stand in front of the camera and your image was put on the screen with some fun graphics and colors. Mikayla just danced all over and loved seeing herself up on the big screen, especially doing such silly things.
Mikayla playing the drums.

They had an infant play area. I let Gavin crawl around here for awhile, while Jeremy and Mikayla went and revisited some of her favorite areas. He loved being able to crawl freely instead of in the confines of our hotel room. I also discovered that he does have the ability to crawl up the stairs.
He was quite enamoured with the baby in the mirror. He kept kissing that cute little baby!
This picture turned out so cute. Looking at it made me very thankful to just be taking home one of those babies.
I just love this cute little smile!!!
This is a picture of Mikayla popping the huge bubble that had just surrounded her.


kathymatthews927 said...

Y'all had a jam packed 4 days........looked like lots of fun. The kiddos were so cute. Gavin making "friends" was wonderful.

Reenie's World said...

Oooh, the big bubble maker looks like fun!

Ashley said...

Jeremy & I used to go to a place similar to this museum when we were kids -- Mid America Museum (I thik it's called) in Little Rock. I always loved going there; it was just so much fun! Lucks like

Ashley said...

ya'll had a great time. (Sorry, somehow my comment posted before I was done!)

Jenny said...

That museum looks awesome. Looks like they've got lots great stuff for kids in Chattanooga - perfect place for a mini-vacation!