Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Play Ball!

Well, the soccer portion of Mikayla's camp is over, so this week we started t-ball. I've decided that Mikayla has no natural athletic ability, but she does have alot of fun (that's all that matters, right?)
Here is Mikayla running the bases. She had a tendency to run them in a zig, zag pattern. It was cute.
Mikayla loved hitting the ball. She hit the tee and the air, more often than the ball, though.
After she batted, she was so excited. She ran towards me and kept saying, "I batted, I batted!" I love her excitement and enthusiasm.


kathymatthews927 said...

She is so cute running and batting. She was so excited about playing baseball, I'm glad she's doing such a variety of activities.