Sunday, March 16, 2008

Spring storms

It was an active weather weekend here in Atlanta. Friday night, there was a tornado that touched down in downtown Atlanta. The news said that this was the first recorded tornado to actually hit the city of Atlanta. It caused alot of damage to some major downtown structures and neighborhoods. There were also pictures of hundred year old trees pulled out at the roots and large street signs pulled up with the cement still surrounding the poles. I was working at Egelston which wasn't far from all of the action. The storm had passed before I went home, but it was still a difficult drive. The sky was pitch black and the fog was so thick. I could only drive up GA400 at about 40 mph (about 1/2 of my normal pace). It took me forever to get home. Then yesterday, we had some storms that caused a couple of tornadoes all around where we live. One passed just south of us. That one caused some tense moments at our house. We were all gathered in the bathroom, listening to the radio. The power went out, just as we heard ferocious wind, rain and hail pelting our house. It only lasted a couple of minutes, but I was a little frightened. Luckily, Mikayla and Gavin were pretty oblivious to all of it. Other than some water under our front door and garage, we escaped unscathed. Don't you just love springtime in the South!

I added some pictures that I got off of the local news sight of the tornadoes. When you look at the one on top, the tornado that hit downtown Atlanta is the thin gray strip in the sky. That one caused all of the downtown damage to Centennial Olympic Park, the World Congress Center, and the Georgia Dome.