Thursday, March 27, 2008

Happy Easter!

Well, I am finally getting around to posting some pics from our wonderful Easter weekend.

On Saturday, we went to my in-laws home to spend time with them. Kathy had a friend of hers from work over to share in the festivities. Her husband, daughter and grandson were there as well. Her grandson, Liam, is a couple of weeks younger than Mikayla. The kids had a lot of fun together.
Mikayla had so much fun hunting for Easter eggs. She had been talking all week about it. It was funny to watch the kids hunt the eggs. Mikayla would see an egg a ways off and pass over 2-3 eggs on her way to go get that one.
My in-laws have this lovely swing in their backyard that the kids sat down halfway through for a little candy break during the hunt. They were so cute.
We had such a nice time with my in-laws. We are so lucky to be able to live so close to both of our families. I like not having to choose who we see during holidays. It is such a blessing!
Saturday night we colored Easter eggs. Mikayla was so determinted to do everything "all by myself, because I am a big girl!" She only cracked one egg in the process, so I say that she did pretty good.

I love having church at 11:30. It was nice to not have to rush through Easter Bunny stuff, and have that time together as a family. The Easter Bunny was very generous this year and brought Mikayla a tricycle for Easter. The Easter Bunny tends to take a little pity on the little girl with a Birthday and Christmas so close together. However, I think this will be the last year for that, now that Gavin has arrived.
Mikayla loved her new tricycle and was quite bummed that it was too cold outside to ride it.
After church, we headed down to my parent's home for an Easter Egg hunt and dinner. This was a fun Easter because Aunt Emmy was there this year - we haven't spent Easter with her since she started college. We did miss Aunt Lollie though! It was a little cooler Sunday than it was on Saturday, but Mikayla had just as much fun on her second Easter Egg hunt.
We got some cute pics of the kids in their Easter outfits. We had to be quick, because Gavin's outfit had short sleeves and I couldn't find anything to put over is outfit that didn't look girly.
What a cutie!!!
This is a picture of Gavin in a "First Easter" outift that I found at Target and couldn't resist buying. It came complete with a bunny ears hat and little pants that had bunnies on the feet and a cotton ball on the bum. I am sure I will hear about this outfit one day from him!
My mom got Mikayla some bunny ears and I couldn't resist taking a picture of my two little Easter Bunnies together. Aren't they the cutest kids ever?!?!


kathymatthews927 said...

Nana thinks those are the cutest Easter bunnies ever!! And yes you will hear about that outfit later, but that's ok.

Anonymous said...

I love your Easter pictures :) I will be putting my babies-2-be in outfits with tails and ears, too, don't you worry. That's half the fun of having them!

Glad you guys had a great Easter :)

Kate said...

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute! LOVE the pictures!

Jenny said...

Looks like a super-fun holiday. Thanks for sharing all those cute pictures.