Sunday, March 09, 2008

I survived!

Well, Jeremy went on his first business trip since we have become parents to two children. In the past, I have usually stayed at my mom's house, but it just wasn't feasible this week. We didn't have anyone to take care of the dog, Mikayla had preschool, I had activity days at church, and so on and so on. I have to say we did pretty good. On Tuesday after the kids were in bed, I got pretty bored and cleaned the entire house except for the vaccuming. The bigger accomplishment is that it stayed clean all week!! I also used the alone time to organize some items that I will be selling at a consignment sale next week. The last thing on my "list" that I accomplished was decorating the kid's rooms. This is going to sound like I am slacker mom of the year, but since we had painted their rooms back in August, I hadn't gotten around to putting anything on their walls. I was sick of looking at bare walls so I set aside the time and finished it this week. I will post pictures later - Gavin is currently napping in his room!! (A big step from up from only napping in his swing!!)
The only downside of the week were my two sick little kids. Gavin developed a cold and fever on Thursday. Mikaya followed with the cold on Friday. Gavin's fever is gone, but they both have thick green goo coming from their noses. Gavin was a horrible sleeper for two nights, but last night he was back to normal (thank goodness!)
Even though it was a good week, I was so thankful to have Jeremy come home on Friday night and end my stent as a single parent. Two is definitely better than one!


M+J said...

I can't believe how ambitious you were while Jeremy was gone! Way to go getting all of your big projects done. If it'd been me, I would have let everything go to pot while Matt was gone! :)

Please do post pics of the kiddos' rooms. I'm anxious to get some ideas!