Saturday, March 01, 2008

Busy couple of weeks

It has been a busy couple of weeks at our house. I think the only time I have been able to sit down for any significant amount of time is when Gavin has nursed.
First of all, my dear sweet Mammaw passed away this past weekend. She had been sick with Alzheimer's Disease for along time, so in some ways, it was good to see her pain end. The hardest part has been seeing the loss that my Granddad has endured. He loved her so much and took such good care of her until the very end. Our family gathered together on Sunday and Monday to pay our respects and remember her. She was a wonderful person and a loving mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. I wish my kids would have had the opportunity to know her.
On a lighter note, on February 22nd Gavin turned 4 months old. We went for his four month check up last Wednesday. He is growing like a little weed, but definitely not along the same path as his big sister. Mikayla was always in the 75th-100th percentiles for everything until she started walking. Gavin is proving to have more of his daddy's build - long and lean. He weighed 14 lbs. 2 oz (40%), he was 25 1/4 inches long (60%), and his head was 16 inches around (the 20% - a huge difference from Mikayla's!!) He is meeting all of his milestones and is exceeding some as well. We have also made advances in his sleeping habits. He now will fall asleep in HIS OWN bed. He wakes up around 2:30am to eat where I usually end up bringing him back to bed because I am so tired. I am off from work for most of this week, so I am hoping to muster up enough energy (and will power) to put him back to bed for the remainder of the night. The pediatrician told me he doesn't need to eat in the middle of the night, but I am having a hard time breaking him of this - it's hard to deny a child something that they are literally reaching and clawing foor (does this mean that I am a pushover???) He is growing so fast - I can hardly believe it! My friend Sarah just had a sweet baby girl this past week. I was visiting her today and holding Avery - it was hard to believe that Gavin was that little just 4 months ago. I don't know if I am ready for him to get big yet!

Here is a cute picture of him in an outfit that his Aunt Ashley bought for him.
I also thought that I would throw in a picture of my "big girl" Mikayla. She is such a sweet girl and definitely my little helper. Even with all of the drama that comes with being a 3 year old little girl I absolutley can't get enough of her. She is my little angel (with an occasionally crooked halo ;-) )


Kate said...

Hey girl,
I'm so glad that you finally posted!! :) Gavin is so cute! I totally understand what you mean about "denying" him food. Addyson didn't sleep through the night until she was 10 months old b/c I was such a pushover!!! What was a thinking?????
My grandfather had Alzheimers as well, and it's such a crule disease. Even though it was a blessing for him and my grandmother when he passed, she still missed him everyday. love you.

M+J said...

The pictures are soooo precious! And like your other friend who commented ... don't feel guilty about the nighttime feeding. Eric is almost 6 months and he'll sleep through the nights sometimes, but he's not consistent at all!

I am sorry to hear about the bittersweet passing of your Mamaw. I hope your family, especially your Dad and Granddad, will be comforted when they think of her.

Ashley said...

Hey Rach--
So sorry I haven't gotten in touch with you since your grandmother passed. To make matters worse, I just realized tonight that I never had mailed the sypathy cards I'd gotten two weeks ago for you and your family. Anyway, hope you know I've been thinking about you.

As for the picture of the little know I have to have a copy of that!!

Love ya'. Give the muchkins a big kiss from me (a "noisy one" for Mikayla, and tell her it's from Aunt Ashley!).