Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Teddy Bear Parade!

Today, Mikayla's preschool put on a Teddy Bear Parade for the parents. Mikayla and I made a float for her stuffed animal yesterday and they got to wear their jammies to school (she was very excited about that). All of the kids were very cute - so were their floats. There wear some very fancy floats out their - I don't think the kids helped much with those. Mikayla's float won the "loveliest" award. Her float was wrapped in purple paper. They couldn't have wheels on the floats, but I cut out hearts to look like wheels on the sides of the floats. I had some die cut hearts and teddy bears, so I let Mikayla color those and I pasted them on the sides of the floats. It turned out very cute. One neat thing was when Mikayla was coloring the teddy bears, she decided that they all needed eyes and mouths. She gave each of them a face in the anatomically correct places. I am still amazed that she is learning these things and growing up so fast.

Mikayla in her Dora jammies and slippers.
Even though it isn't evident in this photo, she is happy to have us there. Gavin is sleeping in that brown polka dot sling that I am wearing. That has been a wonderful thing to have. It lets me carry him around in such a way that I have free hands and I can give him a bottle of breast milk without having to get him out.

I had to throw in a picture of Gavin with his sweet little smile - he is such a cutie. He is starting to play alot and his activity level grows daily. He is such a fun little baby - even if he won't sleep in a crib by himself.


Kate said...

What are you doing up so late? No, it wasn't Scottish Rite....Northside Forsyth. ugh.
PLEASE check your calendar and come over!!! I miss you girlfriend.