Sunday, January 20, 2008

Gavin at three months

Well, Gavin will be three months old on Tuesday. I can hardly believe that he has already been with our family for three months. He is such a sweet and cuddly little baby.

This picture is an example of what can happen while I am trying to make dinner. Gavin was sleeping in the swing and Mikayla ran into the kitchen, yelling "I gave hime a pillow!!" I rushed in to make sure there wasn't one covering his face or something and this is what I found. Mikayla had put a doll pillow behind his head and gave him the orange monkey toy. Gavin just sat there and took it. I think he will grow to be a very tolerant child.
I have had a good bit of trouble trying to get a picture of Gavin smiling. I bought this new camera and it just before it takes a picture, it puts a red light on the subject to reduce red eye. Well, this red light always suprises Gavin, so most of my pictures have a "deer in headlights" look to them. I have started having to hold the camera down and bring it up just before taking the picture, which doesn't often result in a well-posed picture. This one turned out pretty cute though. You can also see how big he is getting.