Sunday, January 20, 2008

Round 2

Well, snow has fallen in Georgia for a second time in less than one week. Mikayla was so excited to get to play in the snow again - I hope that she doesn't think that this is the norm. Snow started falling heavily around 10am and lasted until about 5pm. Most of it stuck, but we did lose some since the temperature hung around 33 all afternoon, so a little bit melted as it fell. We told Mikayla she could play in the snow after he nap. In hindsight, we should have put her down for a late nap, because the best snow was out during her nap. Oh well, she didn't seem to know the difference and had a ton of fun.
She was so excited for her daddy to pull her around for a "sleigh" ride.
Jeremy had a snowball fight with a bunch of the neighborhood kids. Mikayla was a little defensive at first of her daddy, saying "Don't hit him!", but she soon saw how much fun they were having and even threw a couple of snowballs on her own. Me and Gavin (held securely and warmly in his Snugli) watched from a safe distance.

Jeremy, Mikayla and some of the kids in the neighborhood built this snowman. I am almost embarassed to post the picture, because it is not the prettiest snowman ever built. (this is a problem with trying to make a snowman from about one inch of snow - you get all of the yucky stuff from the ground) Jeremy was pretty proud of its size though. Mikayla made it a snow girl by putting flowers on her head.
After playing outside, Daddy and Mikayla each took a warm shower and Mikayla came down and snuggled with Gavin while holding her "Frosty" She even got some "warm chocolate" (per Mikayla hot chocolate is too hot!)

It was such a fun day for our family. I am so happy that Miayla got to exprience snow and that we built some memories for our family.