Thursday, January 17, 2008

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!

Well, we had a little bit of snow here in the south last night. It started snowing lightly around 5 pm, but as the night went on the snowflakes got bigger and the ground was covered in a thin blanket of white snow!

We went to my parent's house for a little bit. Jeremy was working and my mom is leaving to go out of town this weekend and Mikayla desperately wanted to see her. My parents also desperately wanted to see Mikayla and Gavin. My Dad had fun pulling Kayla around in the sled - Mikayla kept saying that she was "going on a sleigh ride!" While we were out their, the snow turned to freezing rain, but that didn't seem to deter our little three year old in the least. She was so excited that winter was finally here.

This morning, the snow was pretty much all ice, but we still all went out and played outside for a little bit. After all, snow is quite a special thing here in Georgia.

These are some pictures of the "snowman" that Jeremy and Kayla built. Mikayla kept singing "Frosty the Snowman." She also wanted us to build a bigger one, but unfortunately there just wasn't enough snow. She had fun anyway.


kathymatthews927 said...

What fun!!! I'm sure Mikayla was thrilled with the first "real" snow for her. I bet her Daddy had as much fun as she did.