Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Hello 2008!! Good Bye 2007!

Well I have to say that this past year has brought many changes for our family. I look at the past year and see so many blessings in it. I truly feel so lucky to have the life that I do. I didn't ring in this year the way that I had hoped - sleeping. Jeremy had to go to bed early because he had to go to work very early this morning. Both of the kids were asleep by 10:30. I was watching Dick Clark, trying so hard to stay awake, but I just couldn't do it. At least I can say that I started the New Year well rested. I also return to work today - my maternity leave is done!! I am not excited about leaving my kids, but at least they will be with the best childcare in the world - their dad. Jeremy is such a wonderful father - I love watching him interact and play with them.
Well, I have thought about it and here is a list of my New Years Resolutions. I figure if they are in writing, maybe I will do a better job at keeping them.
1. Spend more quality time with my family - the key word here is quality. I want to create lasting memories with my husband and children.
2. Lose weight! I have a specific number in mind, but I don't want to share that with everyone. I do have a plan in place already. I am joining Weight Watchers next week, I am going to purchase a jogging stroller when the weather warms up and I have gotten some workout DVDs. I have to lose a little bit more baby weight, plus some weight that I had gained before I was pregnant. I am very determined to do this!!
3. Clean out and organize my home. I have several scary closets that need some serious attention and we can only park one car in our garage. I going to try to break it up into small sections so that I don't get overwhelmed.
Well, I wish everyone a happy and safe New Year!!


Jenny said...

My resolutions overlap with yours quite a bit. You can see on my blog that I started VERY small with the organization one - one cupboard at a time! ;)