Thursday, November 19, 2009

Strong Legs Race 2009

Last Saturday, several members of my family and I drove down to Atlanta to participate in the Strong Legs Run.  It is a race sponsored benefiting Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta which happens to be the hospital that I work for.  It is a great event with tons of fun family events.  I have done the 5K in the past, but since Mikayla has started joining in, we have started doing the 2K fun run.  Last year, I had to carry Mikayla the last half of the race.  This year, with a little encouragement, she finished the whole thing!  I was so proud of her and she was so excited that she beat all of us and “won” the race. :)Strong Legs 4 This year my mother in law, sister and nephew joined us for the fun event. IMG_4027

Here is Mikayla playing a little put-put.  It looked a little more like shuffleboard to me, though. Strong Legs 2 There was also a balloon artist there – as you can see the kids were enthralled with him.  I need him to come to my house because I can never captivate their attention like this for that long.  IMG_4028 Mikayla also had an airbrushed tiger tattoo put on her hand.   She decided to have it look like "Daddy’s tiger” (also known as the LSU Tiger).  I was quite the proud daddy when he saw that.IMG_4029  There were also various mascots from local companies.  This one was definitely the most interesting one.  He is a natural gas flame from Georgia Natural Gas.  Wierd!Strong Legs 5He is my mini family pic.  Gavin, as you can tell, was in a fantastic mood.  He was a grump all day.  After the race, we went to the post-race booth and got some food.  Two bananas and part of a bagel later that boy was in a much better mood.  If I had known that was all it would take, I would have gone through MUCH sooner.  See how happy Mikayla is to have finished the race!  I hope to finish many more together and eventually graduate to the 5K with her. IMG_4024IMG_4025    Since the race was pretty early, we decided to have a “slumber party” at my parents house the night before.  Mikayla had been wanting to have one for quite a while so it was a perfect opportunity.  We set her up with her sleeping bag on some loveseat cushions on the floor in the family room.   Papa slept on the couch next to her.  I think they both enjoyed their sleepover. :)


Tom said...

Her Papa really enjoyed the slumber party at our house....