Thursday, November 19, 2009

Two year olds and pictures are not a good combo

We have had two separate appointments for pictures with Gavin this week.  Last week we did some of just him and then today we did some Christmas pictures and some of just him and Kayla. ( I hadn’t gotten any since he was about 9 months old! )  Gavin did not want to be a part of any of this.  He didn’t want to sit, stand still, or smile.  He also wanted to hold all of the props used to try to make him smile.  I have decided that this is my least favorite age to photograph.  At age one, the don’t have to much of an opinion about stuff and they are generally pretty agreeable.  At age three, you can bribe them.  At two, well nothing works.  Thankfully, we had some very good and patient photographers.

He are some of the “best” ones.  I will share the winners in a later post. 0013

Total mischief!0032

He was supposed to be laying on his tummy – that never happened. 0033 0034 0042

He did not want to sit on the stool for this picture.  We ended up putting him on the very end of my knees.  The didn’t capture pics of him flailing back trying to throw himself off of the stool – thankfully I was holding him!

0058  He was not a fan of the red chair0024One of many action shots. 0031 I love how Mikayla has a look like “What on earth is wrong with you!”


Complete meltdown0039

This one wasn’t too bad, but neither wanted to look at the camera, and Mikayla was not too happy that Gavin was holding the box with the ornament hiding inside.


Lisa said...

Oh, yes, I recall that well. We did the 18 month pics with her on my knees - and those came out as great head shots. But oy vey, the 2 year pics were a disaster. She lay on the floor and cried her eyes out. Sympathies, my friend.

kathymatthews927 said...

What a story those images tell!!!! I love 'em, but I'm the Nana,of course I'd love them!!!!!!

Carol said...

All I can do is chuckle and think of 'pleasant' childhood memories of my own children! I guess what they say is true - "what goes around comes around"! You're a great mom! I realize there are great blessings in just being the grandma :)
Love, Mom

Jessi said...

What a darling little rascal. I bet that someday you will really love those pictures.