Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Strong Legs Run

I have worked for Children's Healthcare of Atlanta for almost 8 years. Every year there is a charity run called the Strong Legs Run that benefits the hospital. It is a great family event with alot of fun activities. I have been to nearly every race since I started working for the hospital. I missed one when I was pregnant (35 weeks) with Mikayla and I missed last year's b/c I was only about 3 weeks out from my c-section with Gavin. My mother-in-law and I have done the last couple races together. This year Mikayla joined in on the race action (instead of just sitting in the stroller). I am very glad we decided to only do a 2K. Shortly after the start of the race, Mikayla declared she was tired and we did the rest of the course with her on my shoulders.

They had a moonwalk with a slide that Mikayla had alot of fun doing. I had a hard time convincing her to get off so that other kids could have a turn.
There were ton of mascots from various groups at the race. This is Mikayla giving the Georgia State panther a high five.

Mikayla was anxious to do the race with Nana and Mommy. I wish that excitement had pushed her through to the finish line.

Gavin hung out in his stroller all morning. He did great considering that his nap usually started about the same time that the race did.


kathymatthews927 said...

I was thrilled to be part of the Strong Legs is a fun family event. I look forward to the next 1 and I'll bet Mikayla will "run" all of a 2k.

Jessi said...

Next year we'll have to meet up again! It is such a fun event!

Kate said...

Hey, I have a t-shirt from one of those races! Please let me know about it next year b/c I want to do it with you...but I won't be bringing my big girls...maybe this little bun in the oven in a jogging stroller!