Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Our little bruiser

Gavin has had a rough couple of weeks. Since he has learned to walk, Gavin has learned some good lessons on gravity. Last week, he fell (with Mikayla's assistance) while trying to go up the stairs and hit his chin on the steps. This caused him to have a small, superficial cut behind his front tooth from where his bottom tooth hit the skin. Later that same day, he was trying to crawl in the bathroom and again (with Mikayla's fine assistance) he fell into the corner of the doorway and had a good sized linear bruise on his forehead. It was one of those bruises where you realized if he had hit just a little bit harder we probably would have been getting stitches. Last night, him and Mikayla were in the tub and Gavin slipped (this time without his sister's assistance). He hit his upper lip on the side of the tub which caused a decent sized laceration inside his mouth.
I was very torn as with what to do. It isn't often that lacerations inside the mouth are sutured, but this one was pretty gaping. I called down to the hospital and one of the doctors agreed to check him out without me having to sign in. We drove down and after a little look, we decided that it was small enough that he didn't need stitches. We did get a prescription for an antibiotic, since mouth lacerations have a higher risk of infection than regular lacerations. So all in all, Gavin had his first ER visit - I am just thankful it was through the back door.


MaryBeth said...

Poor little guy! I remember refusing to Aren out in public after he learned to walk because he looked like I had beat him. I swear it's amazing kids even survive to see kindergarten.

sariqd said...

Ouch! Hopefully he's doing better now? I remember going through that with my kids... wait, I'm STILL going through that with my 2yo. ;-)

Btw - stopping by to say "Thanks" for commenting on Emma & Taylor's blog. I'm their aunt (and moderator on their blog). Yes, we're all LDS and are so grateful for that. Thank you for your well wishes!

Laura Miller said...

Poor thing! I bet you're glad to work in the peds ER now that you have kids!

The Happy Housewife said...

Poor guy! I remember when my husband worked in the ER we had a lot of back door visits. It was really nice, well, nice for the ER.